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114 STAT. 2763A-572 PUBLIC LAW 106-554—APPENDIX F an instrumentality or a unit of government within a State (as so defined); (B) as of October 1, 2000— (i) is in existence and operating as a hospital described in subparagraph (A); and (ii) is not receiving disproportionate share hospital payments from the State in which it is located under title XIX of such Act; and (C) has a low-income utilization rate (as defined in section 1923(b)(3) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1396r-4(b)(3))) in excess of 65 percent. (3) LIMITATION ON EXPENDITURES.— (A) IN GENERAL. — With respect to any fiscal year, the aggregate amount of Federal financial participation that may be provided for payment adjustments described in paragraph (1) for that fiscal year for all States may not exceed the amount described in subparagraph (B) for the fiscal year. (B) AMOUNT DESCRIBED.— The amount described in this subparagraph for a fiscal year is as follows: (i) For fiscal year 2002, $15,000,000. (ii) For fiscal year 2003, $176,000,000. (iii) For fiscal year 2004, $269,000,000. (iv) For fiscal year 2005, $330,000,000. (v) For fiscal year 2006 and each fiscal year thereafter, $375,000,000. (e) DSH PAYMENT ACCOUNTABILITY STANDARDS. —Not later than September 30, 2002, the Secretary of Health and Human Services shall implement accountability standards to ensure that Federal funds provided with respect to disproportionate share hospital adjustments made under section 1923 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1396r-4) are used to reimburse States and hospitals eligible for such payment adjustments for providing uncompensated health care to low-income patients and are otherwise made in accordance with the requirements of section 1923 of that Act. SEC. 702. NEW PROSPECTIVE PAYMENT SYSTEM FOR FEDERALLY- QUALIFIED HEALTH CENTERS AND RURAL HEALTH CLIN- ICS. (a) IN GENERAL.—Section 1902(a) (42 U.S.C. 1396a(a)) is amended— (1) in paragraph (13)— (A) in subparagraph (A), by adding "and" at the end; (B) in subparagraph (B), by striking "and" at the end; and (C) by striking subparagraph (C); and (2) by inserting after paragraph (14) the following new paragraph: "(15) provide for payment for services described in clause (B) or (C) of section 1905(a)(2) under the plan in accordance with subsection (aa);". (b) NEW PROSPECTIVE PAYMENT SYSTEM. —Section 1902 (42 U.S.C. 1396a) is amended by adding at the end the following: "(aa) PAYMENT FOR SERVICES PROVIDED BY FEDERALLY-QUALI- FIED HEALTH CENTERS AND RURAL HEALTH CLINICS.— "(1) IN GENERAL. —Beginning with fiscal year 2001 with respect to services furnished on or after January 1, 2001, and