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114 STAT. 2763A-58 PUBLIC LAW 106-554—APPENDIX A three grants to eligible entities having applications approved under this subpart to demonstrate innovative methods of assisting charter schools to address the cost of acquiring, constructing, and renovating facilities by enhancing the availability of loans or bond financing. "(b) GRANTEE SELECTION.— The Secretary shall evaluate each application submitted, and shall make a determination of which are sufficient to merit approval and which are not. The Secretary shall award at least one grant to an eligible entity described in section 10330(2)(A), at least one grant to an eligible entity described in section 10330(2)(B), and at least one grant to an eligible entity described in section 10330(2)(C), if applications are submitted that permit the Secretary to do so without approving an application that is not of sufficient quality to merit approval. "(c) GRANT CHARACTERISTICS.— Grants under this subpart shall be of a sufficient size, scope, and quality so as to ensure an effective demonstration of an innovative means of enhancing credit for the financing of charter school acquisition, construction, or renovation. "(d) SPECIAL RULE.—In the event the Secretary determines that the funds available are insufficient to permit the Secretary to award not less than three grants in accordance with subsections (a) through (c), such three-grant minimum and the second sentence of subsection (b) shall not apply, and the Secretary may determine the appropriate number of grants to be awarded in accordance with subsection (c). "SEC. 10323. APPLICATIONS. "(a) IN GENERAL.—To receive a grant under this subpart, an eligible entity shall submit to the Secretary an application in such form as the Secretary may reasonably require. "(b) CONTENTS. — An application under subsection (a) shall contain— "(1) a statement identifying the activities proposed to be undertaken with funds received under this subpart, including how the applicant will determine which charter schools will receive assistance, and how much and what types of assistance charter schools will receive; "(2) a description of the involvement of charter schools in the application's development and the design of the proposed activities; "(3) a description of the applicant's expertise in capital market financing; "(4) a description of how the proposed activities will leverage the maximum amount of private-sector financing capital relative to the amount of government funding used and otherwise enhance credit available to charter schools; "(5) a description of how the applicant possesses sufficient expertise in education to evaluate the likelihood of success of a charter school program for which facilities financing is sought; "(6) in the case of an application submitted by a State governmental entity, a description of the actions that the entity has taken, or will take, to ensure that charter schools within the State receive the funding they need to have adequate facilities; and "(7) such other information as the Secretary may reasonably require.