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PROCLAMATION 7273—FEB. 16, 2000 114 STAT. 3257 100 kgfmim'tor AISI grade 1050 w»e rodnMHuring7.2 nm ornior*but notmore than7.8 nm Incra«s-«acda^ - 96 Kgf/mm' (or AISI grade 1050 iwlrBredmanuring 9.2 mm or mora but not more man 9.B mm ki crmi eecttonil damater. procaaaed eiekamly t>y haat-^iaating on in irvline fuaed nft brih patantkig process that raauls inhBMng a ta itienglli tolaranca range of plus or minus 5 kgUmm', and havsig an ovalllyof no more than C.X mm. (0 Piano wirestrtnqauallty wire tpd maaeurtng aCher 5.5,6.0,6.S, 7.0 or 6.0 mm In cross-aactlanal dlamalar, the foregoing with an average partial deearburtzabon of no more than 70 means n depth (maximum 200 microns), having no mduaons greater than 20 microra, capable of being drawn toe diameter of0.30 mmOf less with3 or fiwwrbreela per ton, imported pursuant to a purcheae order from e piano wire string manufacturer in the United Stales for piano wire sbirigqialilywire rod. ar¥lcontainlt<gt)y wsigfil the fblowlrigelemetits in the profiortioris shown: - 0.72 percent or more but not more tton 1.0percent of carbon, - laaattianO.01 percent of aluminum. - not more ttian 0.O40 psreent. Inthe aggregate, of phosphorus and sulfur. - not more ttian 0.003 percer4 of nibogen, - not more than 0.55 percert, in ttw aggregate, of copper, nickal and chromium, and - leas than 0.60 pareertt of manganaee; (g) Grade 1085annealed bearing auaMv wire rod, of a qualityfor manufacturing bearings. AISI grade 1085, annaiHd, 100 percent spheroldlzsd. having msdmum hduakms not exceedingASTMA295, TaUa 3. with no aamplae of such rod showingglotiularcgddeinclusions largar than 0.001 Inches normore than twiglobulsrewdeinelusiora between O.OOOS and 0.001 inches per square mch of aample area, thefbragoing containing by weigMthe(aVawingalaments inthe proportions stwwn: - 0.80 percent or more but not mora than O.BS pereant ofcerben, - 0.70 percent or more but not mora tian 1.(X> percent of mangmeee, and - not mora ttian ISppmofoorygen; (h) 1080 tire beed wire quaKv wire red measuring S.5 mm or more but not more than 7.0 mmin cross-asctional dtonater, with an average partial daeartMrizaUon tf no more than 70 iracrons In depth(maidmum 200 microns), roving no Induawna greater ttan 20 mienna, capable ofbeing drawn to adianater of 0.78 mm or larger wlh0.5 or (awr breaks per ton. Impelled pursuant to a purchase order from a tire manufactutar or a manufacturer oftke wkeproducts In the United States for vtctuelon In Ores, and containing by iweiglit thefodoweigelements in the pnoportioitt alioiwn; - 0.78 percent or nwre of carbon. - leaa than 0.03 paroant o( aoluble aluminum, - not mora than 0.040 percent. Inthe aggragate. of phoaphotous and aultur, ^ not mora ttwn0.004 percent of fiHitigin, and

  • not more ttian 0.065 panoent, ki Vie aggregate, of copper, nlcfcel end chromium.'

Hot-relied bare and rede of ncnaloy Ofalloy ateel. in inegulaity wound coils, of i ki iilar or nnminkiiely ftmaar aolld cross aection. twing adtamatarof Smmormorebut leas than 19 mm, eHsept aueh bare and iQda enumerated ki U.S. note 9tothis aiMichaptarand ejicept baraandrodeof aMoyataaloorttlrikig tff weigtrt24 peroerM or mora of nickel,provided for ki eubheaiflngs 7213.91,7213.99.7227.20 and 72 27io.6 0, a l t he toa g ok ig ewciefif products of Canada or of MiDdcoi If anlMad durkig the periodItem Merch 1, 2000. through February 28, 2001. nduaive: If anterad duringthe psitod (ram li«Mch1.2000, throughMay31.2000, kiduslve, ki aggragate quanlittaa not *i eDcoeas of 477,783.962 kg... If entered duringthe periodfrom June 1.2000. throughAugust 31.2000. aggregate quanlMaa not ki acaas of477,783.962 kB If enterad duringtlia period Itam September 1.2000, through (toramber 30.2000, kidualve. ki aggragMt I not ki •eeaa ct 477,783X2 kg No change