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PROCLAMATION 7383—DEC. 1, 2000 114 STAT. 3441 (5113 (S11Z19 5112.19.60 5112.19.95 AQO CX (O GO.) 2 Wev(D...(oen.):) ^fVwifiiiiii^ ^finw yj Odierl - CXhtr Ofwool ]«n>s with n ntnge fiber diamelcr of U.5 nneroDS or less Other.. 29.4S 29.4K Fice(CAJUMX) Free(CAJLMX) 6S.SK 68.5%" Coafengiiigcfaangex SubbeadiB8sS112.l9.60ndSlI2.19.95AiIlMdibeacoordedthei ntes of duty as were previoasly pnclajmed for whhnKting 5112.19.90. (2) Chapter 62 of the HTS is modifiedi jtagflJ ttductioiis IB Gcacnl (a) by stnking subheadings 6203.11.10 and 6203.11^0 and by iuaeiting in lieu tfaeiecfdie following new provisions, with each new superior text inserted at the same Icvd of indeiflation as the article desaiptian of subheading 6203.12.10. 16203 (6203.11 6203.11.15 6203.11.30 6203.11.60 6203.11.90 MeD's...(oaa):) (Suits (ooB.):) Ot..(c«L):l XoBtiiBiBg 30 penait or more byweight of silk or aiDc waste: Ofwasted wool bbric, made of wool yam hcTiBg ao avenge fiber diameter of 18.5 micrais or leas. Other OOier Ofworsted wwl bhrie, made of wool yam haviBg aa average fiber diamrtrr of I8J aueroos or leas. Other. _ 7.5% 7.5% IS.9% 21.2^/lcg-) - 18.9% FteeCCAjUMX) Free(CAJLMX) Fne(CAJUMX) Frae(CAJUMX) 65% 65% 52.9«/kg 585% 58.5% - Caafonaiag chaagec (i) SiAheadiBg9906.98.02is modified by stribag'V203.11.10.6203.11J0„" nd byiBsertiagin ben thereof•%'; and (ii) aobiieadiiCS 6303.11.60 aad 6203.11.90 shall caA be •Dcetded the same staged rednetieiis IB Geaeralialearfduiy as a»en|jietioupyptodaimBd for inWwifiiiB 6203.11.20. (b) by striking subheading 6203.21.00 and by '"•••'•"B in tienttereoftefollowingnew provisinB, with die iKw superior text insetted at die same kvd of iiidenlatitn as the superiortnt designated as 6203.19: (6203 "6203.21 6203.21.30 Meo's...(oan.):] (cosembics:] Ofwool orfineanimal hair Suits, snit-^rpejackets andttoosea.the of wool yam hariBg n avenge fiber r of 18.5 iiiMJiaii or less ^ Ikenfteap. pikablem in (he if8C|Mnidy ThenCe*q>- Fne(CAJL) The rate api^icabiatoaac&gB^ nttKcih ifHur- (MX) Fne(CAJL) Tte nBe apph^ abletocadi gv> thacnemblc meot m tfaec^- ifaepHMely aeoMeifseparsttiya (MX) Thenteap. plicableto is the casernbkifn|«r- atny cBtend IberateappbcAlelD iBthecoseitbleifs eiw - ately cDtera^ ConfiarmiBg cbaBges: (i) sobbeadiBg 9906.98.02is asodified bystribag " 6303.21.00.aad by i "6303,21JO.6203.21.90."; and (ipcSeetive with respecttogoods ofMeaoGo Under the tenos of tenand aoie 12 that •« catered, or withdrawnfromwarehouse for coasamptiaB. ODor after Jnnary 1,3003. sDbheadms* 6203JI JO nd 6203Jtl.90 are each aa>eaded by strikiag "The rate applicabletoeach gstmcat in the caiemMf.ifsepaiatelycatewdgCOrtoriby nserixag XB me Spmal lutw ohmm m alphabetical se^uesoe m the parrnthct>cal cxpreaBoo for can sndi mnnfafluig ^aj%. (c) by striking suUieading 6203.31.00 and by inaertiag in lieu tfaeieafd>efoOowingnew piovisioos. with the Dew superior text inserted at the same level of iadeolatiao as the superiortext designatedas 6203J2: 79-194 O-00-13:QL3Part6