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115 STAT. 564 PUBLIC LAW 107-68 —NOV. 12, 2001 and the employing office enter into the agreement, subject to this section; and (ii) the eligible employee shall agree to complete the 1-year required period of employment described in subsection (c)(1) with the employing office in exchange for the student loan payments. (B) CONTEhfTS OF SERVICE AGREEMENTS.— (i) CoNTE^^^S. —^A service agreement under this paragraph shall contain— (I) the start and end dates of the required period of employment covered by the agreement; (II) the monthly amount of the student loan paynrients to be provided by the employing office; (III) the employee's agreement to reimburse the Senate under the conditions set forth in subsection (d)(1); (IV) disclosure of the program limitations provided for in subsection (d)(4) and paragraphs (2), (3), (6), and (7) of subsection (f); (V) other terms to which the employing office and employee agree (such as terms relating to job responsibilities or job performance expectations); and (VI) any other terms prescribed by the Secretary. (ii) STANDARD SERVICE AGREEMENTS. —The Secretary shall establish standard service agreements for employing offices to use in carrying out this section. (2) SUBMISSION OF AGREEMENTS.—^n entering into a service agreement under this section, the employing office shall submit a copy of the service agreement to the Secretary. (c) PROGRAM CONDITIONS. — (1) PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT. —The term of the required period of employment under a service agreement under this section shall be 1 year. On completion of the required period of employment under such a service agreement, the eligible employee and the employing office may enter into additional service agreements for successive 1-year periods of employment. (2) AMOUNT OF PAYMENTS.— (A) IN GENERAL.—The amount of student loan pay- ments made under service agreements under this section on behalf of an eligible employee may not exceed— (i) $500 in any month; or (ii) a total of $40,000. (B) PAYMENTS INCLUDED IN GROSS COMPENSATION LIMITATIONS. — Any student loan payment made under this section in any month may not result in the sum of the pa5niient and the compensation of an employee for that month exceeding Vi2th of the applicable annual maximum gross compensation limitation under section 105(d)(2), (e), or (f) of the Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1968 (2 U.S.C. 61-l(d)(2), (e), or (f)). (3) TIMING OF PAYMENTS.— Student loan payments made under this section under a service agreement shall begin the first day of the pay period after the date on which the agreement is signed and received by the Secretary, and shall be made on a monthly basis.