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PUBLIC LAW 107-107—DEC. 28, 2001 115 STAT. 1261 (C) in subsection (b)(2), by striking "Chairman" and inserting "Chief Operating Officer"; (D) in subsection (c), by striking "Chairman of the Retirement Home Board or the Director of an establishment" and inserting "Chief Operating Officer or the Director of a facihty"; and (E) in subsection (e)— (i) by striking "Chairman of the Retirement Board or the Director of the establishment" in the first sentence and inserting "Chief Operating Officer or the Director of a facihty"; and (ii) by striking "Chairman" in the second sentence and inserting "Chief Operating Officer". (5) Section 1523(b) (24 U.S.C. 423(b)), relating to preservation of historic buildings and grounds at the Armed Forces Retirement Home—Washington, is amended by striking "Chairman of the Retirement Home Board" and inserting "Chief Operating Officer", SEC. 1405. RESIDENTS OF RETIREMENT HOME. (a) REPEAL OF REQUIREMENT OF RESIDENT TO REAPPLY AFTER SUBSTANTIAL ABSENCE. —Subsection (e) of section 1512 (24 U.S.C. 412) is repealed. (b) FEES PAID BY RESIDENTS.— Section 1514 (24 U.S.C. 414) is amended to read as follows: "SEC. 1514, FEES PAID BY RESIDENTS. "(a) MONTHLY FEES.—The Director of each facility of the Retirement Home shall collect a monthly fee from each resident of that facility. "(b) DEPOSIT OF FEES.— The Directors shall deposit fees collected under subsection (a) in the Armed Forces Retirement Home Trust Fund. "(c) FIXING FEES. —(1) The Chief Operating Officer, with the approval of the Secretary of Defense, shall from time to time prescribe the fees required by subsection (a). Changes to such fees shall be based on the financial needs of the Retirement Home and the ability of the residents to pay. A change of a fee may not take effect until 120 days after the Secretary of Defense transmits a notification of the change to the Committees on Armed Services of the Senate and the House of Representatives. "(2) The fee shall be fixed as a percentage of the monthly income and monthly payments (including Federal payments) received by a resident. The percentage shall be the same for each facility of the Retirement Home. The Secretary of Defense may make any adjustment in a percentage that the Secretary determines appropriate. "(3) The fee shall be subject to a limitation on maximum monthly amount. The amount of the limitation shall be increased, effective on January 1 of each year, by the percentage of the increase in retired pay and retainer pay that takes effect on the preceding December 1 under subsection (b) of section 1401a of title 10, United States Code, without regard to paragraph (3) of such subsection. The first increase in a limitation on maximum monthly amount shall take effect on January 1, 2003. "(d) TRANSITIONAL FEE STRUCTURES.—(1) Until different fees are prescribed and take effect under subsection (c), the percentages and limitations on maximum monthly amount that are applicable to fees charged residents of the Retirement Home are (subject