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PROCLAMATION 7515—DEC. 18, 2001 115 STAT. 3199 Annex I (continued) -81- 4810.22.70 46 10.29 4810.29.10 4810^^ 481031^0 4810.31.65

|Paper and paperboord. coated on one or...|

{Paper and papeftowd of...] pjgM-weigM cootix] paper) fOtherl Ottte r. Basic paper tobe sensitizad lor use in photography Ir< strips or roHs o( a widthexceedirx} IS on or in rectangular (Indudne square) sheets with one skJe eujeediiio 36 cm and the other side exceeding IS on in the unfolded state. Printed, embossed or perforated.. Basic paper lo be sensitized for use in photography Olhar. _ Kraft paper and papertxard. other than ttol or a Idnd used far wftUng, prindno or other graphic purposes: Bleachad mifonnly lhioughoi<tie mass and of which more than te percent by welgnt of the total filMr oortfent corttists of wood ftwrs otAained by a etieinical process and tweighlng 150 ym'or less: In strips or rr<ls of a width exoatKling IS cm or io radangular (biduSno square) sheets with one nde eaceedbtg 36 an and the other side exceadng IS cm inthe unfolded i 4See Annex 111(A) to Ms pnjcbmation] jSee Annex 111(A) tothit piudai nation]

(See Annex 111(A)

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(See Annex IIKA)

toiNs proclamation] 4See Annex IIKA]


4See Annex 111(A) toMs pnxiaiiBfiorj Other Cards, not punched, lor pwichcard machines, whether or not In strips 4See Annex HKA)


Other _

(See Annex IIHA)

Free(A.CA.E.U. MX) Fiee(A.CA.EJU. UX) FrBe(A.CA.EJUJ. MX) Ft«e(A,CA.EJU. MX) Free(A.CA.EJU. MX) Frae(A.CA.EJLJ. MX) Free (A.CA.EXJ. MX) FrBe(A.CA.EJU, MX) S% 30% 26.5%