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PUBLIC LAW 107-116—JAN. 10, 2002 115 STAT. 2187 for the American Federation of Negro Affairs, $500,000 shall be for the University of Washington Center for Health Workforce Studies in Seattle, Washington, for a demonstration project to collect and analyze health workforce data, $800,000 shall be for the University of Iowa for the training of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, $1,000,000 shall be for the Washington Health Foundation for a comprehensive demonstration project on improving nurse retention, and $1,100,000 shall be for the Iowa Department of Public Health to create a Center for Health Care Workforce Shortage: Provided further, That, notwithstanding section 502(a)(1) of the Social Security Act, not to exceed $115,236,000 is available for carrying out special projects of regional and national significance pursuant to section 501(a)(2) of such Act, of which $50,000 is for the Center for Great Expectations, Somerville, New Jersey to provide prenatal health care, education and counseling for pregnant teens, $565,000 is for the Milwaukee Health Department for a pilot program providing health care services to at-risk children in day care, and $4,000,000 is for the Columbia Hospital for Women Medical Center in Washington, D.C., to support community outreach programs for women: Provided further. That $10,000,000 is avail- Grants. able for special projects of regional and national significance under Abstinence. section 501(a)(2) of the Social Security Act, which shall not be counted toward compliance with the allocation required in section 502(a)(1) of such Act, and which shall be used only for making competitive grants to provide abstinence education (as defined in section 510(b)(2) of such Act) to adolescents and for evaluations (including longitudinal evaluations) of activities under the grants and for Federal costs of administering the grants: Provided further. That grants under the immediately preceding proviso shall be made only to public and private entities which agree that, with respect to an adolescent to whom the entities provide abstinence education under such grant, the entities will not provide to that adolescent any other education regarding sexual conduct, except that, in the case of an entity expressly required by law to provide health information or services the adolescent shall not be precluded from seeking health information or services from the entity in a different setting than the setting in which the abstinence education was provided: Provided further, That the funds expended for such evaluations may not exceed 3.5 percent of such amount. HEALTH EDUCATION ASSISTANCE LOANS PROGRAM Such sums as may be necessary to carry out the purpose of the program, as authorized by title VII of the Public Health Service Act, as amended. For administrative expenses to carry out the guaranteed loan program, including section 709 of the Public Health Service Act, $3,792,000. VACCINE INJURY COMPENSATION PROGRAM TRUST FUND For payments from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Trust Fund, such sums as may be necessary for claims associated with vaccine-related injury or death with respect to vaccines administered after September 30, 1988, pursuant to subtitle 2 of title XXI of the Public Health Service Act, to remain available until expended: Provided, That for necessary administrative expenses, not to exceed $2,992,000 shall be available from the Trust Fund to the Secretary of Health and Human Services.