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115 STAT. 3226 PROCLAMATION 7515—DEC. 18, 2001 Annex I (continued) -108- (290). Note 1(a) to chapter 97 is superseded bf.

  • |a) Unused postaoa or ravenuettarnpc. postal cialiana>y(staniped paper) or the MB. of heaifng 4007.'

(291). The arlide description of heading 9704.00.00 is modified t>y deleting 'used, or if unused not of current or new issue in the country to which they are destined* and inserting 'used or unused, other than those of heading 4907" in ieu thereof. (292). The following heading is inserted in subdiapter XVIiof chapter 96 in numerical sequeiKe: FoolwMr. olhar than goods of headng 9021, of a Ural ior supporting or hoUng the fool tDflowhig ai Iness. operation or jriury. provided that sudi ioolwear k (1) rnede to measure and (2) preierMed skiefr and not ki pain and designed toM eHharisal equrty

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