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115 STAT. 2440 PUBLIC LAW 107-134-^AN. 23, 2002 A trust shall not fail to meet the requirements of subclause (II) merely because the corpus of the trust may revert to a person who is not so disabled after the trust ceases to have any beneficiary who is so disabled. "(3) DEDUCTIONS IN LIEU OF PERSONAL EXEMPTION.—The deductions allowed by this subsection shall be in lieu of the deductions allowed under section 151 (relating to deduction for personal exemption).". Applicability. (b) EFFECTIVE DATE. — The amendment made by this section 26 USC 642 note, shall apply to taxable years ending on or after September 11, 2001. TITLE II—DISCLOSURE OF TAX INFOR- MATION IN TERRORISM AND NA- TIONAL SECURITY INVESTIGATIONS SEC. 201. DISCLOSURE OF TAX INFORMATION IN TERRORISM AND NATIONAL SECURITY INVESTIGATIONS. (a) DISCLOSURE WITHOUT A REQUEST OF INFORMATION RELATING TO TERRORIST ACTIVITIES, ETC.— Paragraph (3) of section 26 USC 6103. 6103(i) (relating to disclosure of return information to apprise appropriate officials of criminal activities or emergency circumstances) is amended by adding at the end the following new subparagraph: "(C) TERRORIST ACTIVITIES, ETC. — "(i) IN GENERAL.— Except as provided in paragraph (6), the Secretary may disclose in writing return information (other than taxpayer return information) that may be related to a terrorist incident, threat, or activity to the extent necessary to apprise the head of the appropriate Federal law enforcement agency responsible for investigating or responding to such terrorist incident, threat, or activity. The head of the agency may disclose such return information to officers and employees of such agency to the extent necessary to investigate or respond to such terrorist incident, threat, or activity. "(ii) DISCLOSURE TO THE DEPARTMENT OF JUS- TICE. —Returns and taxpayer return information may also be disclosed to the Attorney General under clause (i) to the extent necessary for, and solely for use in preparing, an application under paragraph (7)(D). "(iii) TAXPAYER IDENTITY.— For purposes of this subparagraph, a taxpayer's identity shall not be treated as taxpayer return information. "(iv) TERMINATION.—No disclosure may be made under this subparagraph after December 31, 2003.". (b) DISCLOSURE UPON REQUEST OF INFORMATION RELATING TO TERRORIST ACTIVITIES, ETC. —Subsection (i) of section 6103 (relating to disclosure to Federal officers or employees for administration of Federal laws not relating to tax administration) is amended by redesignating paragraph (7) as paragraph (8) and by inserting after paragraph (6) the following new paragraph: " (7) DISCLOSURE UPON REQUEST OF INFORMATION RELATING TO TERRORIST ACTIVITIES, ETC. —