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115 STAT. 2652 PROCLAMATION 7449—JUNE 8, 2001 '^ CHATTER I TRABEINGOOBS A.rliciel MMI Favared Natian (N«rmml Trade Kdations)' Each Party shall accord inunediatcty uti uaconAtienalty to proAiete originating in or expertad to the tenitaFy of the ether Party treatment no less fivoraMe than that accorded to likejKoducts eripiiatiflg in er exported to theterritory of any third countryin all matters ralaw to; A custOMs dutiw and oiianet af any kind impeaed an or in conncctian with importation or expoftMien, includingthe method oflev^ng such dHtiesu>d charges; B. mtlhods of payment for imparts and exports, and the intematiaaal transfer af wdi peymants, C. mto andfenaalitiesin cawnectiaB with importation and expertatian. inehding iliese iialilii^to wiams elaarancc, transit, warahauaes and transshipment; D. taxes and ether inMnialehafgasafany kind applied directly er indirectly to imparled products, E. laws, Ngulatians and athcr ra<)uireraents aUccting the sale, offiering far sale, purchue, mnaperiMiaa, dicttikHti«fl, staragc and uae af products in the domcAic F. the apflicatianef^uanlitativerastriotians and the granting eTKcenses. The provisions af paragraph 1 of this Article AaH nai apply t« action by a Party whiok k cansiatent with sudi Party's aMigauaas twder itie World Trade Organizatian and the agreenients administered thereby. A Party siiail nonetheless extend to (he praduas originMing in #ielerritery afthe other Party mast-&vered aatien treatment in raapaci afany tariir rcductians resuMi^ from muhilitand nagotiatiens under the auspices af liw Warld Trade Organization provided such Party aceards such benefits to aH aMier WTO JiiCiilken. The paaviaiaiis af paragraph I afthis Afttak ahril aat apply la: As used in *is A^namaM, dwterm"mnnal ifade Mlatieiic" Shall have iu: same waaniag ky