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PROCLAMATION 7449^JUNE 8, 2001 115 STAT. 2711 M2121I0 Mse MSOllOO t4301200 14301900 14302000 M S09000 MSI 848180 S4818060 ises 15081000 > S16 851660 85166020 BSI6603C 85166090 Uli •Bectrisd spsntcd with Skoing otptcily not exceeding SCO l/h HevMheW er bsiidrir-ty^ wathii^ aachiMs, iadadiai nacbiBa whidi both wuh >n4 dry - Maehmes, eich eft 4ry linen capacity not ncaading I0k|>: -Fully-automalic madines •Other machines, wUhtaiilt-in centrifugal drier -Other •Machines, each of a dry linen capacity exceeding 10 kg: •Parts raps, cacks. valves and siouiar appliaaces far pipes, bailer skdb, tanks, vats ar the Kke, ioclMint prasnre-reducing valves and Ihemiastatically controlled valves •Other appliances: - Valves for water pipe Electro-mcchaBical tools for working in the hand, with idPcontained electric mator. - Drills of all kinds Electric instantaneous or storage water heaters ind immersion heaters; electric space heating apparatus and sail heating apparatus; electro- Ihermic hair dressing apparatus (for esaraplc, 'hair dryers, hair curlers, curling tong heaters) and hand dryers; electric smoothing irons; other dectro-thennic appliances af a kind used far domestic purposes; electric heating resistors, other than those of heading No. SS4S -Other ovens; cookers, cooking plates, boiling ring^ pillers and roasters -Boilers includingboiling rings -Ovens cooker -Other Prepared unrecorded media for sovnd recording;or timilar recordinc of other 20 50 50 SO 50 SO 20 10 40 40 40 15 40 40 40 40 40 15 5 30 JO 30 4 %