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116 STAT. 142 PUBLIC LAW 107-171—MAY 13, 2002 Sec. 10405. Exportation. Sec. 10406. Interstate movement. Sec. 10407. Seizure, quarantine, and disposal. Sec. 10408. Inspections, seizures, and warrants. Sec. 10409. Detection, control, and eradication of diseases and pests. Sec. 10410. Veterinary accreditation program. Sec. 10411. Cooperation. Sec. 10412. Reimbursable agreements. Sec. 10413. Administration and claims. Sec. 10414. Penalties. . Sec. 10415. Enforcement. Sec. 10416. Regulations and orders. Sec. 10417. Authorization of appropriations. Sec. 10418. Repeals and conforming amendments. Subtitle F—Livestock Sec. 10501. Transportation of poultry and other animals. Sec. 10502. Swine contractors. Sec. 10503. Right to discuss terms of contract. Sec. 10504. Veterinary training. Sec. 10505. Pseudorabies eradication program. Subtitle G—Specialty Crops Sec. 10601. Marketing orders for caneberries. Sec. 10602. Availability of section 32 funds. Sec. 10603. Purchase of specialty crops. Sec. 10604. Protection for purchasers of farm products. Sec. 10605. Farmers' market promotion program. Sec. 10606. National organic certification cost-share program. Sec. 10607. Exemption of certified organic products from assessments. Sec. 10608. Cranberry acreage reserve program. Subtitle H—Administration Sec. 10701. Initial rate of basic pay for employees of county committees. Sec. 10702. Commodity Futures Trading Commission pay comparability. Sec. 10703. Overtime and holiday pay. Sec. 10704. Assistant Secretary of Agriculture for Civil Rights. Sec. 10705. Operation of Graduate School of Department of Agriculture. Sec. 10706. Implementation funding and information management. Sec. 10707. Outreach and assistance for socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers. Sec. 10708. Transparency and accountability for socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers; public disclosure requirements for county committee elections. Subtitle I—General Provisions Sec. 10801. Cotton classification services. Sec. 10802. Program of public education regarding use of biotechnology in producing food for human consumption. Sec. 10803. Chino Dairy Preserve Project. Sec. 10804. Grazinglands Research Laboratory. Sec. 10805. Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute. Sec. 10806. Market names for catfish and ginseng. Sec. 10807. Food Safety Commission. Sec. 10808. Pasteurization. Sec. 10809. Rulemaking on labeling of irradiated food; certain petitions. Sec. 10810. Penalties for violations of Plant Protection Act. Sec. 10811. Preclearance quarantine inspections. Sec. 10812. Connecticut River Atlantic Salmon Commission. Sec. 10813. Pine Point School. Sec. 10814. 7 -month extension of chapter 12 of title 11 of the United States Code. Sec. 10815. Practices involving nonambulatory livestock. Sec. 10816. Country of origin labeling. Subtitle J—Miscellaneous Studies and Reports Sec. 10901. Report on specialty crop purchases. Sec. 10902. Report on pouched and canned salmon. Sec. 10903. Study on updating yields. Sec. 10904. Report on effect of farm program payments. Sec. 10905. Chiloquin Dam fish passage feasibility study.