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116 STAT. 596 PUBLIC LAW 107-188—JUNE 12, 2002 Sec. 402. Other Safe Drinking Water Act amendments. Sec. 403. Miscellaneous and technical amendments. TITLE V—ADDITIONAL PROVISIONS Subtitle A—Prescription Drug User Fees Sec. 501. Short title. Sec. 502. Findings. Sec. 503. Definitions. Sec. 504. Authority to assess and use drug fees. Sec. 505. Accountability and reports. Sec. 506. Reports of postmarketing studies. Sec. 507. Savings clause. Sec. 508. Effective date. Sec. 509. Sunset clause. Subtitle B—Funding Provisions Regarding Food and Drug Administration Sec. 521. Office of Drug Safety. Sec. 522. Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising, and Communications. Sec. 523. Office of Generic Drugs. Subtitle C—Additional Provisions Sec. 531. Transition to digital television. Sec. 532. 3 -year delay in lock in procedures for Medicare+Choice plans; change in Medicare+Choice reporting deadlines and annual, coordinated election period for 2003, 2004, and 2005. TITLE I—NATIONAL PREPAREDNESS FOR BIOTERRORISM AND OTHER PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCIES Subtitle A—National Preparedness and Response Planning, Coordinating, and Reporting SEC. 101. NATIONAL PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE. (a) IN GENERAL.— The Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 201 et seq.) is amended by adding at the end the following title: "TITLE XXVIII—NATIONAL PREPARED- NESS FOR BIOTERRORISM AND OTHER PUBLIC HEALTH EMER- GENCIES "Subtitle A—National Preparedness and Response Planning, Coordinating, and Reporting 42 USC 300hh. "SEC. 2801. NATIONAL PREPAREDNESS PLAN. " (a) IN GENERAL. — " (1) PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE REGARDING PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCIES.—The Secretary shall further develop and implement a coordinated strategy, building upon the core public health capabilities established pursuant to section 319A,