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116 STAT. 1132 PUBLIC LAW 107-217 —AUG. 21, 2002 (b) ASSIGNMENT OF SPACE OR LEASE OR SALE OF PROPERTY.— (1) ACTIONS OF ADMINISTRATOR. —When the President, on the recommendation of the Administrator of General Services, or the federal agency having control of any real property the agency acquires that is located outside of the District of Columbia, other than military or naval reservations, declares the property to be surplus to the needs of the agency, the Administrator— (A) may assign space in the property to any federal agency; (B) pending a sale, may lease the property for not more than 5 years and on terms the Administrator considers to be in the public interest; or (C) may sell the property at public sale to the highest responsible bidder on terms and after public advertisement that the Administrator considers to be in the public interest. (2) REVIEW OF DECISION TO ASSIGN SPACE.—I f the federal agency to which space is assigned does not desire to occupy the space, the decision of the Administrator under paragraph (1)(A) is subject to review by the President. (3) NEGOTIATED SALE. —I f no bids which are satisfactory as to price and responsibility of the bidder are received as a result of public advertisement, the Administrator may sell the property by negotiation, on terms as may be considered to be to the best interest of the Government, but at a price not less than that bid by the highest responsible bidder. (c) DEMOLITION.—The Administrator may demolish any building declared to be surplus to the needs of the Government under this section on deciding that demolition will be in the best interest of the Government. Before proceeding with the demolition, the Administrator shall inform the Secretary of the Interior in writing of the Administrator's intention to demolish the building, and shall not proceed with the demolition until receiving written notice from the Secretary that the building is not an historic building of national significance within the meaning of the Act of August 21, 1935 (16 U.S.C. 461 et seq.) (known as the Historic Sites, Buildings, and Antiquities Act). If the Secretary does not notify the Administrator of the Secretary's decision as to whether the building is an historic building of national significance within 90 days of the receipt of the notice of intention to demolish the building, the Administrator may proceed to demolish the building. (d) REPAIRS AND ALTERATIONS TO ASSIGNED REAL PROPERTY. — When the Administrator, after investigation, decides that real property referred to in subsection (b) should be used for the accommodation of a federal agency, the Administrator may make any repairs or alterations that the Administrator considers necessary or advisable and may maintain and operate the property. (e) PAYMENT BY FEDERAL AGENCIES.— (1) ASSIGNED REAL PROPERTY. —TO the extent that the appropriations of the General Services Administration not otherwise allocated are inadequate for repairs, alterations, maintenance, or operation, the Administrator may require each federal agency to which space has been assigned to pay promptly by check to the Administrator out of its appropriation for rent any part of the estimated or actual cost of the repairs, alterations, maintenance, and operation. Payment may be either in advance