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116 STAT. 1158 PUBLIC LAW 107-217—AUG. 21, 2002 §3302. Prohibition on construction of buildings except by Administrator of General Services Only the Administrator of General Services may construct a public building. The Administrator shall construct a public building in accordeoice with this chapter. §3303. Continuing investigation and survey of public buildings (a) CONDUCTED BY ADMINISTRATOR.—The Administrator of General Services shall— (1) make a continuing investigation and survey of the public buildings needs of the Federal Government so that the Administrator may carry out the duties of the Administrator under this chapter; and (2) submit to Congress prospectuses of proposed projects in accordance with section 3307(a) and (b) of this title. (b) COOPERATION WITH FEDERAL AGENCIES.— (1) DUTIES OF ADMINISTRATOR. — In ceurying out the duties of the Administrator under this chapter, the Administrator— (A) shall cooperate with all federal agencies in order to keep informed of their needs; (B) shall advise each federal agency of the program with respect to the agency; and (C) may request the cooperation and assistance of each federal agency in carrying out duties under this chapter. (2) DUTY OF FEDERAL AGENCIES. —Each federal agency shall cooperate with, advise, and assist the Administrator in carrying out the duties of the Administrator under this chapter as determined necessary by the Administrator to CEirry out the purposes of this chapter. (c) REQUEST FOR IDENTIFICATION OF EXISTING BUILDINGS OF HISTORICAL, ARCHITECTURAL, OR CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE.— When the Administrator undertakes a survey of the public buildings needs of the Government within a geographical area, the Administrator shall request that, within 60 days, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation established by title II of the National Historic Preservation Act (16 U.S.C. 470i et seq.) identify any existing buildings in the geographical area that— (1) are of historical, Eirchitecturgd, or cultural significance (as defined in section 3306(a) of this title); and (2) whether or not in need of repair, alteration, or addition, would be suitable for acquisition to meet the public buildings needs of the Government. (d) STANDARD FOR CONSTRUCTION AND ACQUISITION OF PUBLIC BUILDINGS.— In carrying out the duties of the Administrator under this chapter, the Administrator shall provide for the construction and acquisition of public buildings equitably throughout the United States with due regard to the comparative urgency of the need for each pgirticular building. In developing plans for new buildings, the Administrator shall give due consideration to excellence of architecture and design. § 3304. Acquisition of buildings and sites (a) IN GENERAL.— The Administrator of General Services may acquire, by purchase, condemnation, donation, exchange, or otherwise, any building and its site which the Administrator decides