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116 STAT. 1162 PUBLIC LAW 107-217—AUG. 21, 2002 (2) the location of the building or space to be leased and an estimate of the maximum cost to the Government of the facility to be constructed, altered, or acquired, or the space to be leased; (3) a comprehensive plan for providing space for all Government officers and employees in the locality of the proposed facility or the space to be leased, having due regard for suitable space which may continue to be available in existing Government-owned or occupied buildings, especially those buildings that enhance the architectural, historical, social, cultural, and economic environment of the locality; (4) with respect to any project for the construction, alteration, or acquisition of any building, a statement by the Administrator that suitable space owned by the Government is not available and that suitable rental space is not available at a price commensurate with that to be afforded through the proposed action; (5) a statement by the Administrator of the economic and other justifications for not acquiring a building identified to the Administrator under section 3303(c) of this title as suitable for the public building needs of the Government; and (6) a statement of rents and other housing costs currently being paid by the Government for federal agencies to be housed in the building to be constructed, altered, or acquired, or the space to be leased. (c) INCREASE OF ESTIMATED MAXIMUM COST.—The estimated maximum cost of any project approved under this section as set forth in any prospectus may be increased by an amount equal to any percentage increase, as determined by the Administrator, in construction or alteration costs from the date the prospectus is transmitted to Congress. The increase authorized by this subsection may not exceed 10 percent of the estimated maximum cost. (d) RESCISSION OF APPROVAL. — If an appropriation is not made within one year after the date a project for construction, alteration, or acquisition is approved under subsection (a), the Committee on Environment and Public Works of the Senate or the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure of the House of Representatives by resolution may rescind its approval before an appropriation is made. (e) EMERGENCY LEASES BY THE ADMINISTRATOR.—Th is section does not prevent the Administrator from entering into emergency leases during any period declared by the President to require emergency leasing authority. An emergency lease may not be for more than 180 days without approval of a prospectus for the lease in accordance with subsection (a). (f) LIMITATION ON LEASING CERTAIN SPACE. — (1) IN GENERAL. —The Administrator may not lease space to accommodate any of the following if the average rental cost of leasing the space will exceed $1,500,000: (A) Computer and telecommunications operations. (B) Secure or sensitive activities related to the national defense or security, except when it would be inappropriate to locate those activities in a public building or other facility identified with the Government. (C) A permanent coxulroom, judicial chamber, or administrative office for any United States court.