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116 STAT. 1202 PUBLIC LAW 107-217 —AUG. 21, 2002 §6905. Service on board of directors of Union Station Redevelopment Corporation To further the rehabiHtation, redevelopment, and operation of the Union Station complex, the Secretary of Transportation and the Administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration may serve as ex officio members of the board of directors of the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation. § 6906. Union Station Fund (a) ESTABLISHMENT.— There is a special deposit account in the Treasury known as the "Union Station Fund", which shall be adriiinistered as a revolving fund. (b) CONTENT.— The account shall be credited with receipts of the Secretary of Transportation from activities authorized by this subchapter. (c) USE OF AMOUNTS. —The Secretary may use income and proceeds received from activities authorized by this subchapter, including operating and leasing income and payments made to the Federal Government under development agreements, to pay expenses the Secretary incurs in carrying out the purposes of this subchapter, including construction, acquisition, leasing, operation, and maintenance expenses and payments made to developers under development agreements. (d) AVAILABILITY OF AMOUNTS. —The balance in the account is available in amounts specified in annual appropriation laws for making expenditures authorized by this subchapter. § 6907. Use of other appropriated amounts (a) WAIVER OF COST SHARING REQUIREMENT.— The Secretary of Transportation may use amounts appropriated under section 24909(a)(2)(A) of title 49 to carry out the purposes of this subchapter. (b) BAN ON USING AMOUNTS FOR HELIPORT. — Amounts appropriated under section 24909 of title 49 may not be used for design, construction, or operation of a heliport at or near Union Station. §6908. Parking facility (a) TITLE. —The Federal Government has the right, title, and interest in and to the parking facility at Union Station. (b) FEES. — The rate of fees charged for use of the facility may exceed the rate required for maintenance and operation of the facility. The rate shall be established in a manner that encourages use of the facility by rail passengers and participants in activities in the Union Station complex and area. §6909. Supplying steam or chilled water to Union Station complex The Architect of the Capitol may make agreements with the Secretary of Transportation to furnish steam, chilled water, or both from the Capitol Power Plant to the Union Station complex, at no expense to the legislative branch. § 6910. Authorization of appropriations Amounts necessary to meet lease and other obligations, including maintenance requirements, incurred by the Secretary of the Interior and assigned to the Secretary of Transportation under this subchapter may be appropriated to the Secretary of Trsuisportation.