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116 STAT. 1290 PUBLIC LAW 107-217—AUG. 21, 2002 (1) a savings to other consumers of electric energy sold by that non-federal person without increasing the cost incurred by any federal agency for electric energy; or (2) a cost savings to the federal agency purchasing the electric energy without increasing costs to other consumers of electric energy. § 17904. Implementation powers and limitations (a) ACCOMMODATION OF NEEDS FOR ELECTRIC ENERGY. — This chapter does not require or authorize a federal agency to construct a new electric generating facility or related facility, to modify an existing facility, or to employ reserve or standby equipment to accommodate the needs of a non-federal person for electric energy. (b) AVAILABILITY OF REVENUE FROM SALES. —Revenue received by a federal agency pursuant to section 17902 of this title from the sale of electric energy generated from a facility of that agency is available to the agency without fiscal year limitation to purchase fuel and for operation, maintenance, and other costs associated with that facility. (c) EXERCISE OF AUTHORITIES. —The authority under this chapter shall be exercised for those periods and pursuant to terms and conditions that the head of the federal agency concerned decides are necessary consistent with— (1) this chapter; and (2) responsibilities of the head of the federal agency under other law. (d) NEGOTIATION AND EXECUTION OF CONTRACTS AND OTHER AGREEMENTS. —^A contract or other agreement executed under this chapter shall be negotiated and executed by the head of the federal agency selling or purchasing electric energy under this chapter. CHAPTER 181—TELECOMMUNICATIONS ACCESSIBILITY FOR HEARING-IMPAIRED AND SPEECH-IMPAIRED IN- DIVIDUALS Sec. 18101. Definitions. 18102. Federal telecommunications system. 18103. Research and development. 18104. TTY installation by Congress. §18101. Definitions In this chapter— (1) FEDERAL AGENCY.—The term "federal agency" has the same meaning given that term in section 102 of this title, (2) TTY.— The term "TTY" means a text-telephone used in the transmission of coded signals through the nationwide telecommunications system. § 18102. Federal telecommunications system (a) REGULATIONS TO ENSURE ACCESSIBILITY. —The Administrator of General Services, after consultation with the Architectiu*al and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board, the Interagency Committee on Computer Support of Handicapped Employees, the Feder£d Communications Commission, and affected federal agencies, shall prescribe regulations to ensure that the federal telecommunications system is fully accessible to hearing-impeiired and speechimpaired individuals, including federal employees, for communications with and within federal agencies.