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116 STAT. 1404 PUBLIC LAW 107-228—SEPT. 30, 2002 (2) DESIGNATION OF SUBREGION. —The Director of the Trade and Development Agency shall designate in advance a single subregion or a single country for purposes of paragraph (1). (b) MATCHING REQUIREMENT. —The Director of the Trade and Development Agency may not make any grant under this section unless there are made available non-Federal contributions in an amount equal to not less than 25 percent of the amount of Federal funds provided under the grant. (c) LIMITATION PER SINGLE PROJECT.— With respect to any single project, grant funds under this section shall be available only for the prefeasibility portion of that project. (d) DEFINITIONS.— In this section: (1) PREFEASIBILITY. — The term "prefeasibility" means, with respect to a project, not more than 25 percent of the design phase of the project. (2) SUBREGION. — The term "subregion" means an area within the region and includes areas such as Central America, the Andean region, and the Southern cone. 22 USC 2151p SEC. 648. CLEAN WATER TECHNICAL SUPPORT COMMITTEE. (a) IN GENERAL. —The President is authorized to establish a Clean Water Technical Support Committee (in this section referred to as the "Committee") to provide technical support and training services for individual water projects. (b) COMPOSITION. —The Committee shall consist of international investors, lenders, water service providers, suppliers, advisers, and others with a direct interest in accelerating development of water projects in the region. (c) FUNCTIONS.— Members of the Committee shall act as field advisers and may form specialized working groups to provide incountry training and technical assistance, and shall serve as a source of technical support to resolve barriers to project development. 22 USC 2151p SEC. 649. AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. (a) IN GENERAL.— There are authorized to be appropriated to the President $10,000,000 for each of the fiscal years 2003, 2004, and 2005 to carry out this subtitle. (b) AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS.— Funds appropriated pursuant to subsection (a) are authorized to remain available until expended. Deadline. SEC. 650. REPORT. PrGsiuGnt 22 USC 2151? Eighteen months after the establishment of the program pursunote. ant to section 643, the President shall submit a report to the appropriate congressional committees containing— (1) an assessment of the progress made in carrying out the program established under this subtitle; and (2) any recommendations for the enactment of legislation to make changes in the program established under this subtitle. 22 USC 2151p SEC. 651. TERMINATION DATE. (a) IN GENERAL.—Except as provided in subsection (b), the authorities of this subtitle shall terminate 3 years after the date of establishment of the program described in section 643. (b) EXCEPTION.— In lieu of the termination date specified in subsection (a), the termination required by that subsection shall take effect five years after the date of establishment of the program described in section 643 if, prior to the termination date specified