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116 STAT. 1420 PUBLIC LAW 107-228—SEPT. 30, 2002 Robert Hammill. 22 USC 2151n note. Deadline. (1) The extent to which the Governments of the United Kingdom and Ireland have implemented the recommendations relating to the 175 policing reforms contained in the Patten Commission report issued on September 9, 1999, including a description of the progress of the integration of human rights, as well as recruitment procedures aimed at increasing Catholic representation, including the effectiveness of such procedures, in the new Police Service of Northern Ireland. (2) The status of the investigations into the murders of Patrick Finucane, Rosemary Nelson, and Robert Hammill, including the extent to which progress has been made on recommendations for independent judicial public inquiries into these murders. (3) All decommissioning acts taken to date by the Irish Republican Army, including the quantity and precise character of what the IRA decommissioned, as reported and verified by the International Commission on Decommissioning. (4) All acts of decommissioning taken by other paramilitary organizations, including a description of all weapons and explosives decommissioned. (5) A description of the measures taken to ensure that the programs described under subsection (e) comply with the requirements of that subsection. (e) COMPLIANCE WITH PRIOR PROVISIONS.— Any training or exchange program conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or any other Federal law enforcement agency for the Police Service of Northern Ireland or its members shall— (1) be necessary to improve the professionalism of policing in Northern Ireland; (2) be necessary to advance the peace process in Northern Ireland; (3) include in the curriculum a significant human rights component; and (4) only be provided to Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) members who have been subject to a vetting procedure established by the Department and the Department of Justice to ensure that such program does not include PSNI members who there are substantial ground for believing have committed or condoned violations of internationaly recognized human rights, including any role in the murder of Patrick Finucane or Rosemary Nelson or other violence or serious threat of violence against defense attorneys in Northern Ireland. SEC. 702. ANNUAL REPORTS ON UNITED STATES-VIETNAM HUMAN RIGHTS DIALOGUE MEETINGS. Not later than December 31 of each year or 60 days after the second United States-Vietnam human rights dialogue meeting held in a calendar year, whichever is earlier, the Secretary shall submit to the appropriate congressional committees a report covering the issues discussed at the previous two meetings and describing to what extent the Government of Vietnam has made progress during the calendar year toward achieving the following objectives: (1) Improving the Government of Vietnam's commercial and criminal codes to bring them into conformity with international standards, including the repeal of the Government of Vietnam's administrative detention decree (Directive 31/CP).