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116 STAT. 1504 PUBLIC LAW 107-245—OCT. 21, 2002 Oct. 21, 2002 [H.R. 5531] Public Law 107-245 107th Congress An Act To facilitate famine relief efforts and a comprehensive solution to the war in Sudan. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of Sudan Peace Act. the United States of America in Congress assembled, 50 USC 1701 SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE. This Act may be cited as the "Sudan Peace Act". 50 USC 1701 SEC. 2. FINDINGS. The Congress makes the following findings: (1) The Government of Sudan has intensified its prosecution of the war against areas outside of its control, which has already cost more than 2,000,000 lives and has displaced more than 4,000,000 people. (2) A viable, comprehensive, and internationaly sponsored peace process, protected from manipulation, presents the best chance for a permanent resolution of the war, protection of human rights, and a self-sustaining Sudan. (3) Continued strengthening and reform of humanitarian relief operations in Sudan is an essential element in the effort to bring an end to the war. (4) Continued leadership by the United States is critical. (5) Regardless of the future political status of the areas of Sudan outside of the control of the Government of Sudan, the absence of credible civil authority and institutions is a major impediment to achieving self-sustenance by the Sudanese people and to meaningful progress toward a viable peace process. It is critical that credible civil authority and institutions play an important role in the reconstruction of postwar Sudan. (6) Through the manipulation of traditional rivalries among peoples in areas outside of its full control, the Government of Sudan has used divide-and-conquer techniques effectively to subjugate its population. However, internationaly sponsored reconciliation efforts have played a critical role in reducing human suffering and the effectiveness of this tactic. (7) The Government of Sudan utilizes and organizes militias, Popular Defense Forces, and other irregular units for raiding and enslaving parties in areas outside of the control of the Government of Sudan in an effort to disrupt severely the ability of the populations in those areas to sustain themselves. The tactic helps minimize the Government of Sudan's accountability internationaly. (8) The Government of Sudan has repeatedly stated that it intends to use the expected proceeds from future oil sales