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116 STAT. 1776 PUBLIC LAW 107-273—NOV. 2, 2002 (A) by inserting before the period in the last sentence ", without both the personal approval of the Attorney General and written notice within 30 days thereof to the Chairmen and ranking minority members of the Committees on Appropriations and the Judiciary of the Senate and of the House of Representatives"; (B) by striking "for information" each place it appears; and (C) by striking "$250,000" the 2d and 3d places it appears and inserting "$500,000"; (4) in subsection (c)(3) by striking "(F)" and inserting "(G)"; (5) in subsection (c)(5) by striking "Fund which" and inserting "Fund, that"; (6) in subsection (c)(8)(A), by striking "(A)(iv), (B), (F), (G), and (H)" and inserting "(B), (F), and (G)"; and (7) in subsection (c)(9)(B)— (A) by striking "year 1997" and inserting "years 2002 and 2003"; and (B) by striking "Such transfer shall not" and inserting "Each such transfer shall be subject to satisfaction by the recipient involved of any outstanding lien against the property transferred, but no such transfer shall". (b) Section 522 of title 28, United States Code, is amended by inserting "(a)" before "The", and by inserting at the end the following: "(b) With respect to any data, records, or other information acquired, collected, classified, preserved, or published by the Attorney General for any statistical, research, or other aggregate reporting purpose beginning not later than 1 year after the date of enactment of 21st Century Department of Justice Appropriations Authorization Act and continuing thereafter, and notwithstanding any other provision of law, the same criteria shall be used (and shall be required to be used, as applicable) to classify or categorize offenders and victims (in the criminal context), and to classify or categorize actors and acted upon (in the noncriminal context).". (c) Section 534(a)(3) of title 28, United States Code, is amended by adding "and" after the semicolon. (d) Section 509(-3) of title 28, United States Code, is amended by striking the 2d period. (e) Section 533 of title 28, United States Code, is amended— (1) by redesignating paragraph (3) as paragraph (4); and (2) by adding after paragraph (2) a new paragraph as follows: "(3) to assist in the protection of the person of the Attorney General.". 31 USC 6503 (f) No compensation or reimbursement paid pursuant to section note. 501(a) of Public Law 99-603 (100 Stat. 3443) or section 241(i) of the Act of June 27, 1952 (ch. 477) shall be subject to section 6503(d) of title 31, United States Code, and no funds available to the Attorney General may be used to pay any assessment made pursuant to such section 6503 with respect to any such compensation or reimbursement. 28 USC 527 note. (g) Section 108 of Public Law 103-121 (107 Stat. 1164) is amended by replacing "three" with "six", by replacing "only" with ", first,", and by replacing "litigation." with "litigation, and, thereafter, for financial systems, and other personnel, administrative, and litigation expenses of debt collection activities.".