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116 STAT. 1866 PUBLIC LAW 107-273—NOV. 2, 2002 42 USC 3796ee-6. 42 USC 3796ee-7. period beginning on the date of the award, any amount that is not expended by such State or unit. "(2) EXTENSION.— The Attorney General may adopt pohcies and procedures providing for a one-time extension, by not more than 12 months, of the period referred to in paragraph (1). "(3) PENALTY FOR FAILURE TO REPAY. — If the amount required to be repaid is not repaid, the Attorney General shall reduce payment in future payment periods accordingly. " (4) DEPOSIT OF AMOUNTS REPAiD.Amounts received by the Attorney General as repayments under this subsection shall be deposited in a designated fund for future payments to States and specially qualified units. "(c) ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS.— ^A State or unit of local government that receives funds under this part may use not more than 5 percent of such funds to pay for administrative costs. "(d) NONSUPPLANTING REQUIREMENT. — Funds made available under this part to States and units of local government shall not be used to supplant State or local funds as the case may be, but shall be used to increase the amount of funds that would, in the absence of funds made available under this part, be made available from State or local sources, as the case may be. "(e) MATCHING FUNDS.— "(1) IN GENERAL. — The Federal share of a grant received under this part may not exceed 90 percent of the total program costs. "(2) CONSTRUCTION OF FACILITIES. — Notwithstanding paragraph (1), with respect to the cost of constructing juvenile detention or correctional facilities, the Federal share of a grant received under this part may not exceed 50 percent of approved cost. "SEC. 1806. UTILIZATION OF PRIVATE SECTOR. "Funds or a portion of funds allocated under this part may be used by a State or unit of local government that receives a grant under this part to contract with private, nonprofit entities, or community-based organizations to carry out the purposes specified under section 1801(b). " SEC. 1807. ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS. "(a) IN GENERAL.—^A State or specially qualified unit that receives funds under this part shall— "(1) establish a trust fund in which the government will deposit all pa5anents received under this part; "(2) use amounts in the trust fund (including interest) during the period specified in section 1805(b)(l) and any extension of that period under section 1805(b)(2); "(3) designate an official of the State or specially qualified unit to submit reports as the Attorney General reasonably requires, in addition to the annual reports required under this part; and "(4) spend the funds only for the purpose of strengthening the juvenile justice system. "(b) TITLE I PROVISIONS. —Except as otherwise provided, the administrative provisions of part H shall apply to this part and for purposes of this section any reference in such provisions to title I shall be deemed to include a reference to this part.