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PUBLIC LAW 107-273—NOV. 2, 2002 116 STAT. 1885 to such application submitted in subsequent fiscal years, that satisfy the requirements of subsection (a). "(2) LIMITATION.— The Administrator may not approve such application (including amendments to such application) for a fiscal year unless— "(A)(i) the State submitted a plan under section 223 for such fiscal year; and "(ii) such plan is approved by the Administrator for such fiscal year; or "(B) the Administrator waives the application of subparagraph (A) to such State for such fiscal year, after finding good cause for such a waiver. "SEC. 244. GRANTS FOR LOCAL PROJECTS. 42 USC 5654. "(a) GRANTS BY STATES.— Using a grant received under section 241, a State may make grants to eligible entities whose applications are received by the State, and reviewed by the State advisory group, to carry out projects and activities described in section 241. "(b) SPECIAL CONSIDERATION.—For purposes of making grants under subsection (a), the State shall give special consideration to eligible entities that— "(1) propose to carry out such projects in geographical areas in which there is— "(A) a disproportionately high level of serious crime committed by juveniles; or "(B) a recent rapid increase in the number of nonstatus offenses committed by juveniles; "(2)(A) agreed to carry out such projects or activities that are multidisciplinary and involve more than 2 private nonprofit agencies, organizations, and institutions that have experience dealing with juveniles; or "(B) represent communities that have a comprehensive plan designed to identify at-risk juveniles and to prevent or reduce the rate of juvenile delinquency, and that involve other entities operated by individuals who have a demonstrated history of involvement in activities designed to prevent juvenile delinquency; and "(3) the amount of resources (in cash or in kind) such entities will provide to carry out such projects and activities. "SEC. 245. ELIGIBILITY OF ENTITIES. 42 USC 5655. "(a) ELIGIBILITY. — Except as provided in subsection (b), to be eligible to receive a grant under section 244, a unit of general purpose local government, acting jointly with not fewer than 2 private nonprofit agencies, organizations, and institutions that have experience dealing with juveniles, shall submit to the State an application that contains the following: "(1) An assurance that such applicant will use such grant, and each such grant received for the subsequent fiscal year, to carry out throughout a 2-year period a project or activity described in reasonable detail, and of a kind described in one or more of paragraphs (1) through (25) of section 241(a) as specified in, such application. "(2) A statement of the particular goals such project or activity is designed to achieve, and the methods such entity will use to achieve, and assess the achievement of, each of such goals.