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PUBLIC LAW 107-273—NOV. 2, 2002 116 STAT. 1889 "(xi) other purposes consistent with the purposes of this title and title L "(2) The Administrator shall ensure that an equitable amount of funds available to carry out paragraph (1)(B) is used for research and evaluation relating to the prevention of juvenile delinquency. "(3) Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to permit the development of a national database of personally identifiable information on individuals involved in studies, or in data-collection efforts, carried out under paragraph (l)(B)(x). "(4) Not later than 1 year after the date of enactment of this paragraph,the Administrator shall conduct a study with respect to juveniles who, prior to placement in the juvenile justice system, were under the care or custody of the State child welfare system, and to juveniles who are unable to return to their family after completing their disposition in the juvenile justice system and who remain wards of the State. Such study shall include— "(A) the number of juveniles in each category; "(B) the extent to which State juvenile justice systems and child welfare systems are coordinating services and treatment for such juveniles; "(C) the Federal and local sources of funds used for placements and post-placement services; "(D) barriers faced by State in providing services to these juveniles; "(E) the types of post-placement services used; "(F) the frequency of case plans and case plan reviews; and "(G) the extent to which case plans identify and address permanency and placement barriers and treatment plans. "(b) STATISTICAL ANALYSES.— The Administrator may— "(1) plan and identify the purposes and goals of all agreements carried out with funds provided under this subsection; and "(2) undertake statistical work in juvenile justice matters, for the purpose of providing for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of statistical data and information relating to juvenile delinquency and serious crimes committed by juveniles, to the juvenile justice system, to juvenile violence, and to other purposes consistent with the purposes of this title and title L "(c) GRANT AUTHORITY AND COMPETITIVE SELECTION PROCESS.— The Administrator may make grants and enter into contracts with public or private agencies, organizations, or individuals and shall use a competitive process, established by rule by the Administrator, to carry out subsections (a) and (b). "(d) IMPLEMENTATION OF AGREEMENTS. —^A Federal agency that makes an agreement under subsections (a)(1)(B) and (b)(2) with the Administrator may carry out such agreement directly or by making grants to or contracts with public and private agencies, institutions, and organizations. "(e) INFORMATION DISSEMINATION. —The Administrator may— "(1) review reports and data relating to the juvenile justice system in the United States and in foreign nations (as appropriate), collect data and information from studies and research into all aspects of juvenile delinquency (including the causes, prevention, and treatment of juvenile delinquency) and serious crimes committed by juveniles;