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116 STAT. 1914 PUBLIC LAW 107-273—NOV. 2, 2002 for an application for the international registration of that mark. "(3) CONTRACTING PARTY. —The term 'Contracting Party' means any country or inter-governmental organization that is a party to the Madrid Protocol. "(4) DATE OF RECORDAL.—The term 'date of recordal' means the date on which a request for extension of protection, filed after an international registration is granted, is recorded on the International Register. " (5) DECLARATION OF BONA FIDE INTENTION TO USE THE MARK IN COMMERCE. — The term 'declaration of bona fide intention to use the mark in commerce' means a declaration that is signed by the applicant for, or holder of, an international registration who is seeking extension of protection of a mark to the United States and that contains a statement that— "(A) the applicant or holder has a bona fide intention to use the mark in commerce; "(B) the person making the declaration believes himself or herself, or the firm, corporation, or association in whose behalf he or she makes the declaration, to be entitled to use the mark in commerce; and "(C) no other person, firm, corporation, or association, to the best of his or her knowledge and belief, has the right to use such mark in commerce either in the identical form of the mark or in such near resemblance to the mark as to be likely, when used on or in connection with the goods of such other person, firm, corporation, or association, to cause confusion, mistake, or deception. "(6) EXTENSION OF PROTECTION.— The term 'extension of protection' means the protection resulting from an international registration that extends to the United States at the request of the holder of the international registration, in accordance with the Madrid Protocol. " (7) HOLDER OF AN INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATION.— ^A 'holder' of an international registration is the natural or juristic person in whose name the international registration is recorded on the International Register. "(8) INTERNATIONAL APPLICATION. —The term 'international application' means an application for international registration that is filed under the Madrid Protocol. "(9) INTERNATIONAL BUREAU. — The term 'International Bureau' means the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization. "(10) INTERNATIONAL REGISTER. — The term 'International Register' means the official collection of data concerning international registrations maintained by the International Bureau that the Madrid Protocol or its implementing regulations require or permit to be recorded. "(11) INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATION. —The term 'international registration' means the registration of a mark granted under the Madrid Protocol. "(12) INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATION DATE.— The term 'international registration date' means the date assigned to the international registration by the International Bureau.