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PUBLIC LAW 107-279—NOV. 5, 2002 116 STAT. 1961 peer review, produced in a timely fashion, and free from any partisan political influence. (b) REPORT ON CONDITION AND PROGRESS OF EDUCATION. — Not later than June 1, 2003, and each June 1 thereafter, the Deadline. Statistics Commissioner, shall submit to the President and the appropriate congressional committees a statistical report on the condition and progress of education in the United States. (c) STATISTICAL REPORTS. —The Statistics Commissioner shall issue regular and, as necessary, special statistical reports on education topics, particularly in the core academic areas of reading, mathematics, and science, consistent with the priorities and the mission of the Statistics Center. SEC. 156. DISSEMINATION. 20 USC 9546. (a) GENERAL REQUESTS. — (1) IN GENERAL.— The Statistics Center may furnish transcripts or copies of tables and other statistical records and make special statistical compilations and surveys for State and local ofEicials, public and private organizations, and individuals. (2) COMPILATIONS.— The Statistics Center shall provide State educational agencies, local educational agencies, and institutions of higher education with opportunities to suggest the establishment of particular compilations of statistics, surveys, and analyses that will assist those educational agencies. (b) CONGRESSIONAL REQUESTS.— The Statistics Center shall furnish such special statistical compilations and surveys as the relevant congressional committees may request. (c) JOINT STATISTICAL PROJECTS. —The Statistics Center may engage in joint statistical projects related to the mission of the Center, or other statistical purposes authorized by law, with nonprofit organizations or agencies, and the cost of such projects shall be shared equitably as determined by the Secretary. (d) FEES. — (1) IN GENERAL. —Statistical compilations and surveys under this section, other than those carried out pursuant to subsections (b) and (c), may be made subject to the payment of the actual or estimated cost of such work. (2) FUNDS RECEIVED.— All funds received in payment for work or services described in this subsection may be used to pay directly the costs of such work or services, to repay appropriations that initially bore all or part of such costs, or to refund excess sums when necessary. (e) ACCESS. — (1) OTHER AGENCIES.— The Statistics Center shall, consistent with section 183, cooperate with other Federal agencies having a need for educational data in providing access to educational data received by the Statistics Center. (2) INTERESTED PARTIES.— The Statistics Center shall, in accordance with such terms and conditions as the Center may prescribe, provide all interested parties, including public and private agencies, parents, and other individuals, direct access, in the most appropriate form (including, where possible, electronically), to data collected by the Statistics Center for the purposes of research and acquiring statistical information.