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PUBLIC LAW 107-279—NOV. 5, 2002 116 STAT. 1971 (k) RULE OF CONSTRUCTION.—N O regional educational laboratory receiving assistance under this section shall, by reason of the receipt of that assistance, be ineligible to receive any other assistance from the Department of Education as authorized by law or be prohibited from engaging in activities involving international projects or endeavors. (1) ADVANCE PAYMENT SYSTEM.—Each regional educational laboratory awarded a contract under this section shall participate in the advance payment system at the Department of Education. (m) ADDITIONAL PROJECTS.— In addition to activities authorized under this section, the Director is authorized to enter into contracts or agreements with a regional educational laboratory for the purpose of carrying out additional projects to enable such regional educational laboratory to assist in efforts to achieve State education goals and for other purposes. (n) ANNUAL REPORT AND PLAN.—Not later than July 1 of each Deadline, year, each regional educational laboratory awarded a contract under this section shall submit to the Evaluation and Regional Assistance Commissioner— (1) a plan covering the succeeding fiscal year, in which such laboratory's mission, activities, and scope of work are described, including a general description of the plans such laboratory expects to submit in the remaining years of such laboratory's contract; and (2) a report of how well such laboratory is meeting the needs of the region, including a summary of activities during the preceding year, a list of entities served, a list of products, and any other information that the regional educational laboratory may consider relevant or the Evaluation and Regional Assistance Commissioner may require. (o) CONSTRUCTION. —Nothing in this section shall be construed to require any modifications in a regional educational laboratory contract in effect on the day before the date of enactment of this Act. PART E—GENERAL PROVISIONS SEC. 181. INTERAGENCY DATA SOURCES AND FORMATS. 20 USC 957L The Secretary, in consultation with the Director, shall ensure that the Department and the Institute use common sources of data in standardized formats. SEC. 182. PROHIBITIONS. 20 USC 9572. (a) NATIONAL DATABASE. —Nothing in this title may be construed to authorize the establishment of a nationwide database of individually identifiable information on individuals involved in studies or other collections of data under this title. (b) FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND USE OF FEDERAL FUNDS. — Nothing in this title may be construed to authorize an officer or employee of the Federal Government to mandate, direct, or control the curriculum, program of instruction, or allocation of State or local resources of a State, local educational agency, or school, or to mandate a State, or any subdivision thereof, to spend any funds or incur any costs not provided for under this title. (c) ENDORSEMENT OF CURRICULUM. — Notwithstanding any other provision of Federal law, no funds provided under this title to the Institute, including any office, board, committee, or center of