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116 STAT. 2384 PUBLIC LAW 107-306—NOV. 27, 2002 Sec. 322. Modification of excepted agency voluntary leave transfer authority. Sec. 323. Sense of Congress on diversity in the workforce of intelligence community agencies. Sec. 324. Annual report on hiring and retention of minority employees in the intelligence community. Sec. 325. Report on establishment of a Civilian Linguist Reserve Corps. Subtitle D—Education Sec. 331. Scholarships and work-study for pursuit of graduate degrees in science and technology. Sec. 332. Cooperative relationship between the National Security Education I*rogram and the Foreign Language Center of the Defense Language Institute. Sec. 333. Establishment of National Flagship Language Initiative within the National Seciuity Education Program. Sec. 334. Report on the National Security Education Program. Subtitle E—Terrorism Sec. 341. Foreign Terrorist Asset Tracking Center. Sec. 342. Semiannual report on financial intelligence on terrorist assets (FITA). Sec. 343. Terrorist Identification Classification System. Subtitle F—Other Matters Sec. 351. Additional one-year suspension of reorganization of Diplomatic Telecommunications Service Program Office. Sec. 352. Standardized transliteration of names into the Roman alphabet. Sec. 353. Definition of congressional inteUigence committees in National Security Act of 1947. TITLE IV—CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Sec. 401. Two-year extension of Central InteUigence Agency Voluntary Separation Pav Act. Sec. 402. Implementation of compensation reform plan. TITLE V—DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES Sec. 501. Use of funds for counterdrug and counterterrorism activities for Colombia. Sec. 502. Protection of operational files of the National Reconnaissance Office. Sec. 503. Eligibility of employees in Intelligence Senior Level positions for Presidential Rank Awards. TITLE VI—NATIONAL COMMISSION ON TERRORIST ATTACKS UPON THE UNITED STATES Sec. 601. Establishment of Commission. Sec. 602. Purposes. Sec. 603. Composition of Commission. Sec. 604. Fimctions of Commission. Sec. 605. Powers of Commission. Sec. 606. Nonapplicability of Federal Advisory Committee Act. Sec. 607. Staff of Commission. Sec. 608. Compensation and travel expenses. Sec. 609. Security clearances for Commission members and staff. Sec. 610. Reports of Commission; termination. Sec. 611. Funding. TITLE VII—INFORMATION SHARING Sec. 701. Short title. Sec. 702. Findings and sense of Congress. Sec. 703. Facilitating homeland security information sharing procedures. Sec. 704. Report. Sec. 705. Authorization of appropriations. Sec. 706. Coordination provision. TITLE VIII—REPORTING REQUIREMENTS Subtitle A—Overdue Reports Sec. 801. Deadline for submittal of various overdue reports. Subtitle B—Submittal of Reports to Intelligence Committees Sec. 811. Dates for submittal of various annual and semiannual reports to the congressional intelligence committees.