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SUBJECT INDEX B13 Page Preservation Gunn McKay Nature Preserve Act 3026 Prisoners of War Persian Giilf War POW/MIA Accountability Act of 2002 1738 POW/MIA Memorial Flag Act of 2002 2787 Prisons Drug Abuse Education, Prevention, and Treatment Act of 2002 1792 Proclamations Americans with Disabilities Act, anniversary 3283 Clean water, year of 3323 Cote d'lvoire. Republic of, designation as a beneficiary Sub-Saharan African Country 3261 Lewis and Clark expedition, bicentennial 3278 Special Observances Adoption Month 3339 African American History Month 3176 Airborne Day 3286 Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month 3298 Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month 3337 American Heart Month 3174 American Indian Heritage Month 3341 American Red Cross Month 3180 America Recycles Day 3353 Armed Forces Day 3262 Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month 3248 Bicentennial Day of the United States Military Academy at West Point 3226 Black Music Month 3270 Bone and Joint Decade 3228 Breast Cancer Awareness Month 3309 Cancer Control Month 3232 Captive Nations Week 3280 Character Counts Week 3324 Child Abuse Prevention Month 3234 Child Health Day 3314 Child's Day 3273 Citizenship Day and Constitution Week 3304 Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month 3182 Columbus Day 3318 Consumer Protection Week 3177 Crime Victims' Rights Week 3240 Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Week 3320 DAR-E. Day 3236 Day of Prayer 3245 Days of Prayer and Remembrance 3297 Defense Transportation Day and National Transportation Week Diabetes Month Disability Emplo5rment Awareness Month Domestic Violence Awareness Month Education and Sharing Day Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Week Family Caregivers Month Family Day Family Week Farm-City Week Farm Safety and Health Week Father's Day Fire Prevention Week Fishing and Boating Week Flag Day and National Flag Week Forest Products Week Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day German-American Day Gold Star Mother's Day Great Outdoors Week Greek Independence Day: A National Day of Celebration of Greek and American Democracy Health Center Week Hispanic Heritage Month Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week Homeownership Month Hospice Month Hurricane Awareness Week Irish-American Heritage Month Jewish Heritage Week Korean War Veterans Armistice Day LawDay,U.S.A LeifErikson Loyalty Day Maritime Day Martin Luther King, Jr., Federal holiday Mentoring Month Minority Enterprise Development Week Missing Children's Day Mother's Day National Charter Schools Week Older Americans Month Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Week Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Pan American Day and Pan American Week Parents' Day 3259 3338 3310 3312 3230 3345 3327 3307 3356 3355 3302 3277 3313 3271 3275 3325 3235 3315 3308 3274 3231 3287 3300 3303 3272 3342 3260 3181 3238 3282 3246 3317 3247 3267 3171 3172 3306 3268 3257 3250 3249 3241 3296 3237 3284