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B16 SUBJECT INDEX Texas—Continued Fort Bliss, land conveyance Fort Hood, land conveyance Jim Fonteno Post Office Building, designation Lower Rio Grande Valley Water Resources Conservation and Improvement Act of 2002 Ports-to-Plains Corridor identification Waco Mammoth Site Area, study and report Thompson, Tommy Tibet Tibetan Policy Act of 2002 Trademarks See Patents and Trademarks Transportation Aircraft and Aviation Arming Pilots Against Terrorism Act Commercial Reusable In-Space Transportation Act of 2002 Anton's Law Clean air transportation conformity, etc.; temporary waiver due to acts ofterrorisminNew York Commercial Reusable In-Space Transportation Act of 2002 Maritime Transportation Security Act of2002 Pipeline Safety Improvement Act of 2002 Real Interstate Driver Equity Act of 2002 Rural Service Improvement Act of 2002 Urbanized area formula grants U United States Code Title 40 codification. Public Buildings, Property, and Works Utah Central Utah Project, amendments Gunn McKay Nature Preserve Act Timpanogos interagency land exchange Virgin River Dinosaur Footprint Preserve Act Vermont New Hampshire-Vermont Interstate School Compact Veterans AMVETS, charter amendment Department ofVeterans Affairs Emergency Preparedness Act of 2002 2716 2717 1752 2978 1741 2890 . 121 1396 2300 1573 2772 1469 1573 2064 2985 2342 . 910 1478 1062 3030 3026 2815 2896 2981 1496 2024 Page Jobs for Veterans Act 2033 Veterans Benefits Act of 2002 2820 Veteran's Compensation Cost-of- Living Adjustment Act of 2002 1517 Veterans of Foreign Wars, membership eligibility 1497 Viet Nam Vietnamese refugees 587 Virginia Booker T. Washington National Monument Boundary Adjustment Act of 2002 1054 Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park Act 3104 Fort Belvoir, land conveyance 2718 Herbert H. Bateman Post Office Building, designation 125 Marine Corps Base, Quantico and Prince William Forest Park, land exchange and boundary adjustments Navy Annex, Arlington, land transfer modification , Norman Sisisky Post Office Building, designation Tom Bliley Post Office Building, designation Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts, renamed Virgin Islands Ron de Lugo Federal Building, designation Voting See Elections W Washington Bainbridge Island Japanese-American Memorial Study Act of 2002 3024 Lakehaven Utility District, reuse waterwaste project 2893 Pacific Northwest Feasibility Studies Act of 2002 16 Water Burnt, Malheur, Owyhee, and Powder River Basin Water Optimization Feasibility Study Act of 2002 1485 Central Utah Project, amendments 3030 Clean Water for the Americas Partnership Act of 2002 1402 Daniel Patrick Moynihan Lake Champlain Basin Program Act of 2002 2358 Great Lakes and Lake Champlain Act of 2002 2355 Great Lakes Legacy Act of 2002 2355 Hydrographic Services Improvement Act Amendments of 2002 3079 Klamath Basin Emergency Operation and Maintenance Refund Act of 2002 2973 2723 2726 . 128 . 124 1330 ,. 576