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PUBLIC LAW 107-252—OCT. 29, 2002 116 STAT. 1689 National Institute of Standards and Technology, shall submit a report to Congress which assesses the areas of human factor research, including usability engineering and human-computer and human-machine interaction, which feasibly could be applied to voting products and systems design to ensure the usability and accuracy of voting products and systems, including methods to improve access for individuals with disabilities (including blindness) and individuals with limited proficiency in the English language and to reduce voter error and the number of spoiled ballots in elections. SEC. 244. STUDY AND REPORT ON VOTERS WHO REGISTER BY MAIL 42 USC 15384. AND USE OF SOCIAL SECURITY INFORMATION. (a) REGISTRATION BY MAIL. — (1) STUDY. — (A) IN GENERAL.— The Commission shall conduct a study of the impact of section 303(b) on voters who register by mail. (B) SPECIFIC ISSUES STUDIED.— The study conducted under subparagraph (A) shall include— (i) an examination of the impact of section 303(b) on first time mail registrant voters who vote in person, including the impact of such section on voter registration; (ii) an examination of the impact of such section on the accuracy of voter rolls, including preventing ineligible names from being placed on voter rolls and ensuring that all eligible names are placed on voter rolls; and (iii) an analysis of the impact of such section on existing State practices, such as the use of signature verification or attestation procedures to verify the identity of voters in elections for Federal office, and an analysis of other changes that may be made to improve the voter registration process, such as verification or additional information on the registration card. (2) REPORT. — Not later than 18 months after the date on Deadline, which section 303(b)(2) takes effect, the Commission shall submit a report to the President and Congress on the study conducted under paragraph (1)(A) together with such recommendations for administrative and legislative action as the Commission determines is appropriate. (b) USE OF SOCIAL SECURITY INFORMATION. —Not later than Deadline. 18 months after the date on which section 303(a)(5) takes effect, the Commission, in consultation with the Commissioner of Social Security, shall study and report to Congress on the feasibility and advisability of using Social Security identification numbers or other information compiled by the Social Security Administration to establish voter registration or other election law eligibility or identification requirements, including the matching of relevant information specific to an individual voter, the impact of such use on national security issues, and whether adequate safeguards or waiver procedures exist to protect the privacy of an individual voter. 99-194 O -03-4:0L3 Part 3