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116 STAT. 2640 PUBLIC LAW 107-314—DEC. 2, 2002 "(B) A description of the necessary naval vessel force structure to meet the requirements of the national security strategy of the United States or the most recent Quadrennial Defense Review, whichever is applicable under paragraph (1). "(C) The estimated levels of annual funding necessary to carry out the program, together with a discussion of the procurement strategies on which such estimated levels of annual funding are based. "(c) ASSESSMENT WHEN VESSEL CONSTRUCTION BUDGET IS INSUFFICIENT TO MEET APPLICABLE REQUIREMENTS.— If the budget for a fiscal year provides for funding of the construction of naval vessels at a level that is not sufficient to sustain the naval vessel force structure specified in the naval vessel construction plan for that fiscal year under subsection (a), the Secretary shall include with the defense budget materials for that fiscal year an assessment that describes and discusses the risks associated with the reduced force structure of naval vessels that will result from funding naval vessel construction at such level. Such assessment shall be coordinated in advance with the commanders of the combatant commands. "(d) DEFINITIONS.—In this section: "(1) The term 'budget', with respect to a fiscal year, means the budget for that fiscal year that is submitted to Congress by the President under section 1105(a) of title 31. "(2) The term 'defense budget materials', with respect to a fiscal year, means the materials submitted to Congress by the Secretary of Defense in support of the budget for that fiscal year. "(3) The term 'Quadrennial Defense Review' means the review of the defense programs and policies of the United States that is carried out every four years under section 118 of this title.". (b) CLERICAL AMENDMENT. —The table of sections at the beginning of such chapter is amended by adding at the end the following new item: "231. Budgeting for construction of naval vessels: annual plan and certification.". SEC. 1023. ASSESSMENT OF THE FEASIBILITY OF THE EXPEDITED EQUIPPING OF A NAVY SHIP WITH A VERSION OF THE 155-MILLIMETER ADVANCED GUN SYSTEM. (a) FEASIBILITY ASSESSMENT REQUIRED.—(1) The Secretary of the Navy shall conduct an assessment of the feasibility of the expedited equipping of a Navy ship in active or inactive service with a version of the 155-millimeter Advanced Gun System that is being developed for the DD(X) next generation, multi-mission, land attack surface combatant vessel. (2) The assessment shall include an analysis of— (A) the actions required to achieve such equipping and the technical and programmatic risks associated with those actions; (B) the plan, schedule, and funding required to achieve such equipping; and (C) the effect (if any) that such equipping might have on the development program and schedule for the DD(X) vessel. (b) EQUIPPING ON EXPEDITED SCHEDULE. — The schedule to be considered in the assessment under subsection (a) shall provide for equipping of a ship with a version of the 155-millimeter Advanced Gun System on an expedited schedule that is consistent