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116 STAT. 2678 PUBLIC LAW 107-314—DEC. 2, 2002 (D) the development of a permanent "terrorist opposing force" capable of challenging the Department's plans, policies, and capabilities during training events and exercises. (7) A discussion of how the Department of Defense biological defense research program supports its homeland security mission. (8) A discussion of the efforts by the Department of Defense to develop, either within the Department or through contracts with private entities, anticyberterrorism technology, including an assessment of whether and how such efforts should be increased. (9) An assessment of the need for and feasibility of developing and fielding Department of Defense regional chemicalbiological incident response teams across the United States, including options for providing the resources and personnel necessary for developing and fielding any such teams. (10) A discussion of the Department of Defense plans and efforts to place new emphasis on the unique operational demands associated with homeland security while ensuring that defense of the United States remains the primary mission of the Department of Defense. (11) The resource constraints and legal impediments to implementing any of the activities discussed under paragraphs (1) through (10). SEC. 1405. SENSE OF CONGRESS ON DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE ASSIST- ANCE TO LOCAL FIRST RESPONDERS. It is the sense of Congress that the Secretary of Defense should, to the extent the Secretary considers appropriate and feasible, provide assistance, in accordance with otherwise applicable provisions of law, to entities that are local first responders for domestic terrorist incidents in order to assist those entities in improving their capabilities to respond to such incidents. TITLE XV—AUTHORIZATION OF APPRO- PRIATIONS FOR THE WAR ON TER- RORISM Sec. 1501. Authorization of appropriations for continued operations for the war on terrorism. Sec. 1502. Mobilization and personnel. Sec. 1503. Operations. Sec. 1504. Equipment replacement and enhancement. Sec. 1505. Classified activities. Sec. 1506. Procurement of munitions. Sec. 1507. Discretionary restoration of authorizations of appropriations reduced for management efficiencies. Sec. 1508. General provisions applicable to transfers. SEC. 1501. AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS FOR CONTINUED OPERATIONS FOR THE WAR ON TERRORISM. In addition to any other amounts authorized to be appropriated by this Act, there is hereby authorized to be appropriated for the Department of Defense for fiscal year 2003, subject to subsection (b), $10,000,000,000 only for the conduct of Operation Noble Eagle and Operation Enduring Freedom in continuation of the war on terrorism in accordance with the purposes stated in section 2(a)