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116 STAT. 2680 PUBLIC LAW 107-314—DEC. 2, 2002 accordance with the purposes referred to in section 1501(a), and only by transfer (subject to sections 1507 and 1508) to fiscal year 2003 procurement accounts of the Department of Defense in amounts as follows: (1) To accounts of the Army for the procurement of ammunition $94,000,000. (2) To accounts of the Navy for the procurement of weapons, $35,000,000. (3) To accounts of the Navy and Marine Corps for the procurement of ammunition, $25,000,000. (4) To accounts of the Air Force for the procurement of ammunition, $40,000,000. (5) To Defense-wide procurement accounts for special operations forces, $6,000,000. SEC. 1507. DISCRETIONARY RESTORATION OF AUTHORIZATIONS OF APPROPRIATIONS REDUCED FOR MANAGEMENT EFFI- CIENCIES. (a) TRANSFER AUTHORITY. — (1) The Secretary of Defense may, subject to section 1508, transfer up to a total of $1,000,000,000 of the amount authorized to be appropriated by section 1501 to Department of Defense accounts under titles I, II, and III that are reduced for savings described in paragraph (2) if and to the extent that the Secretary determines that such savings are not achievable. (2) The savings referred to in paragraph (1) are savings that are to be achieved from— (A) improved management of Department of Defense contracts for the procurement of services; and (B) the deferral of expenditures on financial management systems. (b) RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER TITLE XV TRANSFER AUTHORI- TIES. —The total amount transferred under sections 1502 through 1506 and under section 1507 may not exceed the total amount authorized to be appropriated by section 1501. SEC. 1508. GENERAL PROVISIONS APPLICABLE TO TRANSFERS. (a) MERGER OF TRANSFERRED AMOUNTS.— Amounts transferred pursuant to this title shall be merged with, and shall be available for the same purposes and the same period as, the account to which transferred. (b) CONGRESSIONAL NOTICE-AND-WAIT REQUIREMENT. —A transfer may not be made under section 1502, 1503, 1504, 1505, 1506, or 1507 until the Secretary of Defense has submitted a notice in writing to the congressional defense committees of the proposed transfer and a period of 15 days has elapsed after the date such notice is received. Any such notice shall include specification of the amount of the proposed transfer, the account to which the transfer is to be made, and the purpose of the transfer. (c) RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER TRANSFER AUTHORITY.—The transfer authorities provided in this title are in addition to any other transfer authority available to the Secretary of Defense under any provision of any other title of this Act or under any other provision of law.