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PUBLIC LAW 107-314—DEC. 2, 2002 116 STAT. 2465 Sec. 713. Repeal of report requirement. Subtitle C—Department of Defense-Department of Veterans Affairs Health Resources Sharing Sec. 721. Revised coordination and sharing jguidelines. Sec. 722. Health care resources sharing ana coordination project. Sec. 723. Report on improved coordination and sharing of health care and health care resources following domestic acts of terrorism or domestic use of weapons of mass destruction. Sec. 724. Interoperability of Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense pharmacy data systems. Sec. 725. Joint pilot program for providing graduate medical education and training for physicians. Sec. 726. Repeal of certain limits on Department of Veterans Affairs resources. TITLE VIII—ACQUISITION POLICY, ACQUISITION MANAGEMENT, AND RELATED MATTERS Subtitle A—Acquisition Policy and Management Sec. 801. Buy-to-budget acquisition of end items. Sec. 802. Report to Congress on evolutionary acquisition of major defense acquisition programs. Sec. 803. Spiral development under major defense acquisition programs. Sec. 804. Improvement of software acquisition processes. Sec. 805. Performance goals for procuring services pursuant to multiple award contracts. Sec. 806. Rapid acquisition and deployment procedures. Sec. 807. Quick-reaction special projects acquisition team. Subtitle B—Amendments to General Contracting Authorities, Procedures, and Limitations Sec. 811. Limitation period for task and delivery order contracts. Sec. 812. One-year extension of program applying simplified procedures to certain commercial items; report. Sec. 813. Extension and improvement of personnel demonstration policies and procedures applicable to the civilian acquisition workforce. Sec. 814. Past performance given significant weight in renewal of procurement technical assistance cooperative agreements. Sec. 815. Increased maximum amount of assistance for tribal organizations or economic enterprises carrying out procurement technical assistance programs in two or more service areas. Sec. 816. Extension of contract goal for small disadvantaged businesses and certain institutions of higher education. Sec. 817. Grants of exceptions to cost or pricing data certification requirements and waivers of cost accounting standards. Sec. 818. Timing of certification in connection with waiver of survivability and lethality testing requirements. Sec. 819. Contracting with Federal Prison Industries. _ Sec. 820. Revisions to multiyear contracting authority. Subtitle C—Acquisition-Related Reports and Other Matters Sec. 821. Evaluation of training, knowledge, and resources regarding negotiation of intellectual property arrangements. Sec. 822. Independent technology readiness assessments. Sec. 823. Extension and amendment of requirement for annual report on defense commercial pricing management improvement. Sec. 824. Assessment of purchases oi products and services through contracts with other Federal departments and agencies. Sec. 825. Repeal of certain requirements and Comptroller General reviews of the requirements. Sec. 826. Multiyear procurement authority for purchase of dinitrogen tetroxide, by- drazine, and hydrazine-related products. Sec. 827. Multiyear procurement authority for environmental services for military installations. Sec. 828. Report on effects of Army Contracting Agency. Sec. 829. Authorization to take actions to correct the industrial resource shortfall for radiation-hardened electronics. TITLE IX—DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT Subtitle A—Duties and Functions of Department of Defense Officers Sec. 901. Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.