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116 STAT. 2874 PUBLIC LAW 107-333—DEC. 16, 2002 SEC. 4. ADMINISTRATIVE. The Secretary of the Interior shall provide the Commission, on a reimbursable basis, such administrative support services as the Commission may request. SEC. 5. DUTIES OF COMMISSION. The Commission shall— (1) review the facts and circumstances surrounding the implementation and administration of the Guam Meritorious Claims Act and the effectiveness of such Act in addressing the war claims of American nationals residing on Guam between December 8, 1941, and July 21, 1944; (2) review all relevant Federal and Guam territorial laws, records of oral testimony previously taken, and documents in Guam and the Archives of the Federal Government regarding Federal payments of war claims in Guam; (3) receive oral testimony of persons who personally experienced the taking and occupation of Guam by Japanese military forces, noting especially the effects of infliction of death, personal injury, forced labor, forced march, and internment; (4) determine whether there was parity of war claims paid to the residents of Guam under the Guam Meritorious Claims Act as compared with awards made to other similarly affected United States citizens or nationals in territory occupied by the Imperial Japanese military forces during World War II; (5) advise on any additional compensation that may be necessary to compensate the people of Guam for death, personal injury, forced labor, forced march, and internment; and Deadline. (6) not later than 9 months after the Commission is estab- Reports. lished submit a report, including any comments or recommendations for action, to the Secretary of the Interior, the Committee on Resources and the Committee on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources and the Committee on the Judiciary of the Senate. SEC. 6. POWERS OF THE COMMISSION. (a) AUTHORITY OF CHAIRMAN.— Subject to general policies that the Commission may adopt, the Chairman of the Commission— (1) shall exercise the executive and administrative powers of the Commission; and (2) may delegate such powers to the staff of the Commission. (b) HEARINGS AND SESSIONS. — For the purpose of carrying out its duties under section 5, the Commission may hold hearings, sit and act at times and places, take testimony, and receive evidence as the Commission considers appropriate. The Commission may administer oaths or affirmations to witnesses appearing before it. (c) EXPERTS AND CONSULTANTS. — The Commission may procure temporary and intermittent services under section 3109(b) of title 5, United States Code, but at rates for individuals not to exceed the daily equivalent of the maximum annual rate of basic pay for GS-15 of the General Schedule. The services of an expert or consultant may be procured without compensation if the expert or consultant agrees to such an arrangement, in writing, in advance. (d) SUPPORT OF FEDERAL AGENCIES. —Upon request of the Commission, the head of any Federal department or agency may