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PUBLIC LAW 107-347—DEC. 17, 2002 116 STAT. 2901 (2) To promote use of the Internet and other information technologies to provide increased opportunities for citizen psirticipation in Government. (3) To promote interagency collaboration in providing electronic Government services, where this collaboration would improve the service to citizens by integrating related functions, and in the use of internal electronic Government processes, where this collaboration would improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes. (4) To improve the ability of the Government to achieve agency missions and program performance goals. (5) To promote the use of the Internet and emerging technologies within and across Government agencies to provide citizen-centric Government information and services. (6) To reduce costs and burdens for businesses and other Government entities. (7) To promote better informed decisionmaking by policy makers. (8) To promote access to high quality Government information and services across multiple channels. (9) To make the Federal Government more transparent and accountable. (10) To transform agency operations by utilizing, where appropriate, best practices from public and private sector organizations. (11) To provide enhanced access to Government information and services in a manner consistent with laws regarding protection of personal privacy, national security, records retention, access for persons with disabilities, and other relevant laws. TITLE I—OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET ELECTRONIC GOVERNMENT SERVICES SEC. 101. MANAGEMENT AND PROMOTION OF ELECTRONIC GOVERN- MENT SERVICES. (a) IN GENERAL.— Title 44, United States Code, is amended by inserting after chapter 35 the following: ' ^CHAPTER 36—MANAGEMENT AND PROMOTION OF ELECTRONIC GOVERNMENT SERVICES "Sec.


"3 601. Definitions. "36 02. Office of Electronic Government. "3603. Chief Information Officers Council. "3604. E-Government Fund. "3605. Program to encourage innovative solutions to enhance electronic Government services and processes. "3606. E-Government report. "§ 3601. Definitions "In this chapter, the definitions under section 3502 shall apply, and the term— "(1) 'Administrator' means the Administrator of the Office of Electronic Government established under section 3602;