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116 STAT. 2904 PUBLIC LAW 107-347—DEC. 17, 2002 "(7) Lead the activities of the Chief Information Officers Council established under section 3603 on behalf of the Deputy Director for Management, who shall chair the council. "(8) Assist the Director in establishing policies which shall set the framework for information technology standards for the Federal Government developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and promulgated by the Secretary of Commerce under section 11331 of title 40, taking into account, if appropriate, recommendations of the Chief Information Officers Council, experts, and interested parties from the private and nonprofit sectors and State, local, and tribal governments, and maximizing the use of commercial standards as appropriate, including the following: "(A) Standards and guidelines for interconnectivity and interoperability as described under section 3504. "(B) Consistent with the process under section 207(d) of the E-Government Act of 2002, standards and guidelines for categorizing Federal Government electronic information to enable efficient use of technologies, such as through the use of extensible markup language. "(C) Standards and guidelines for Federal Government computer system efficiency and security. "(9) Sponsor ongoing dialogue that— "(A) shall be conducted among Federal, State, local, and tribal government leaders on electronic (government in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, as well as leaders in the private and nonprofit sectors, to encourage collaboration and enhance understanding of best practices and innovative approaches in acquiring, using, and managing information resources; "(B) is intended to improve the performance of governments in collaborating on the use of information technology to improve the delivery of Government information and services; and "(C) may include— "(i) development of innovative models— "(I) for electronic Government management and Government information technology contracts; and "(II) that may be developed through focused discussions or using separately sponsored research; "(ii) identification of opportunities for public-private collaboration in using Internet-based technology to increase the efficiency of Government-to-business transactions; "(iii) identification of mechanisms for providing incentives to program managers and other Government employees to develop and implement innovative uses of information technologies; and "(iv) identification of opportunities for public, private, and intergovernmental collaboration in addressing the disparities in access to the Internet and information technology. "(10) Sponsor activities to engage the general public in the development and implementation of policies and programs, particularly activities aimed at fulfilling the goal of using the most effective citizen-centered strategies and those activities