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•ilfefjSl PUBLIC LAW 107-347—DEC. 17, 2002 116 STAT. 2913 (d) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.— There are authorized to be appropriated to the General Services Administration, to ensure the development and operation of a Federed bridge certification authority for digital signature compatibility, and for other activities consistent with this section, $8,000,000 or such sums as are necessary in fiscal year 2003, and such sums as are necessary for each fiscal year thereafter. SEC. 204. FEDERAL INTERNET PORTAL. 44 USC 3501 (a) IN GENERAL.— (1) PUBLIC ACCESS. —The Director shall work with the Administrator of the General Services Administration and other agencies to maintain and promote an integrated Internet-based system of providing the public with access to Government information and services. (2) CRITERIA.—To the extent practicable, the integrated system shall be designed and operated according to the following criteria: (A) The provision of Internet-based Government information and services directed to key groups, including citizens, business, and other governments, and integrated according to function or topic rather than separated according to the boundaries of agency jurisdiction. (B) An ongoing effort to ensure that Internet-based Government services relevant to a given citizen activity are available from a single point, (C) Access to Federal Government information and services consolidated, as appropriate, with Internet-based information and services provided by State, local, and tribal governments. (D) Access to Federal Government information held by 1 or more agencies shall be made available in a manner that protects privacy, consistent with law. (b) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.— There are authorized to be appropriated to the General Services Administration $15,000,000 for the maintenance, improvement, and promotion of the integrated Internet-based system for fiscal year 2003, and such simas as Eire necessary for fisced yeeirs 2004 through 2007. SEC. 205. FEDERAL COURTS. 44 USC 3501 (a) INDIVIDUAL COURT WEBSITES.— The Chief Justice of the United States, the chief judge of each circuit and district and of the Court of Federal Claims, and the chief bankruptcy judge of each district shall cause to be established and maintained, for the court of which the judge is chief justice or judge, a website that contains the following information or links to websites with the following information: (1) Location and contact information for the courthouse, including the telephone numbers and contact names for the clerk's office and justices' or judges' chambers. (2) Local rules and steuiding or general orders of the court. (3) Individual rules, if in existence, of each justice or judge in that court. (4) Access to docket information for each case. (5) Access to the substance of all written opinions issued by the court, regardless of whether such opinions are to be published in the official court reporter, in a text searchable format. note.