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116 STAT. 2484 PUBLIC LAW 107-314—DEC. 2, 2002 (C) anti-ship defense; and (D) any other missions that may be envisioned for the ship. (3) An identification of the experiments, demonstrations, and evaluations that would need to be accomplished during the concept and technology demonstration phase and those that would need to be accomplished during the system development and demonstration phase (after a major defense acquisition Milestone B decision to enter that phase). (4) A description of the potential trade-offs between program requirements and capabilities, and the methodology (including life cycle cost as an independent variable, speed as an independent variable, and other applicable program attributes), needed to arrive at a design for a littoral combat ship that can be approved (pursuant to a major defense acquisition Milestone B decision) for entry into the system development and demonstration phase. (5) An analysis of the adequacy of existing and planned platforms to test the littoral ship concept prior to construction of a littoral combat ship. Subtitle C—Ballistic Missile Defense 10 USC 2431 SEC. 221. REPORT REQUIREMENTS RELATING TO BALLISTIC MISSILE note. DEFENSE PROGRAMS. (a) ANNUAL SUBMISSION OF CURRENT PERFORMANCE GOALS AND DEVELOPMENT BASELINES.— (1) The Secretary of Defense shall submit to the congressional defense committees each year the performance goals and development baselines— (A) for those ballistic missile defense systems under development by the Missile Defense Agency that could be fielded; and (B) for any other ballistic missile defense program or project that has been designated by Congress as a special interest item. (2) Such performance goals and development baselines shall be provided for each block of each such system. (3) The performance goals and development baselines under paragraph (1) shall be included annually with the defense budget justification materials submitted in support of the President's budget submitted to Congress under section 1105 of title 31, United States Code. (b) RDT&E BUDGET JUSTIFICATION MATERIALS. — The budget justification materials submitted to Congress for any fiscal year in support of a request for the authorization and appropriation of funds for research, development, test, and evaluation for ballistic missile defense systems shall include a funding profile for each block of each such system that could be fielded that reflects the development baseline submitted pursuant to subsection (a) for that fiscal year. (c) REVIEW OF MDA CRITERIA IN RELATION TO MILITARY REQUIREMENTS.—(1) The Joint Requirements Oversight Council established under section 181 of title 10, United States Code, shall review cost, schedule, and performance criteria for missile defense programs of the Missile Defense Agency in order to assess the validity of those criteria in relation to military requirements.