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PROCLAMATION 7529-MAR. 5, 2002 116 STAT. 3197 ANNEX (continued) (T) porcelain enameling sheet, drawing quality, in coils, 0.36 mm in thickness, -1 -0.002, -0.000, meeting ASTM A-424 -96 type I specifications, and suitable for two coats; (IX) tin-mill flat-rolled products designated as X-509, as described below: (A) single reduced electrolytically chromium coated steel with a thickness 0.238 mm (±10%) or 0.251 mm (+10%) or 0.255 mm (+10%) with 770 mm (minirhum width) (-0/-v|.588 mm) by 900 mm (maximum length if sheared) sheet size; with type MR or higher (per ASTM) A623 steel chemistry; batch annealed at T 21/2 anneal temper, with a yield strength of 214 to 290 MPa; with a tensile strength of 296 to 400 MPa; with a chrome coating restricted to 32 to 150 me,lirr with a chrome oxide coating restricted to 6 to 25 mg/m^ with a modified 7B ground roll finish or blasted roll finish; with roughness average (Ra) 0.10 to 0.35 micrometers, measured with a stylus instrument with a stylus radius of 2 to 5 microns, a trace length of 5.6 mm, and a cut-off of 0.8 mm, and the measurement traces shall be made perpendicular to the rolling direction; with an oil level of 0.17 to 0.37 grams/base box as type BSO, or 2.5 to 5.5 mg/m^ as type DOS, or 3.5 to 6.5 mg/m^ as type ATBC; with electrical conductivity of static probe voltage drop of 0.46 volts drop maximum, and with electrical conductivity degradation to 0.70 volts drop maximum after stoving (heating to 204 °C for 100 minutes followed by a cool to room temperature); (B) single reduced electrolytically chromium- or tin-coated steel in the gauges of 0.102 mm nominal, 0.114 mm nominal, 0.127 mm nominal, 0.155 mm nominal, 0.168 mm nominal, and 0.183 mm nominal, regardless of width, temper, finish, coating or other properties; (C) single reduced electrolytically chromium coated steel in the gauge of 0.61 mm, with widths of 686 mm or 800 mm, and with T-1 temper properties; (D) single reduced electrolytically chromium coated steel, with a chemical composition by weight of not more than 0.005 percent of carbon, 0.030 percent of silicon, 0.25 percent of manganese, 0.025 percent of phosphorus, 0.025 percent of sulfur and 0.070 percent of aluminum, and the remainder iron, with a metallic chromium layer of 70-130 mg/m^, with a chromium oxide layer of 5-30 mg/m^, with a tensile strength of 260-440 N/mm-; with an elongation of 28-48 percent, with a hardness (HR-30T) of 40-58, with a surface roughness of 0.5-1.5 microns Ra, with magnetic properties of Bm (kG) 10.0 minimum, B, (KG) 8.0 minimum. He (Oe) 2.5-3.8, and ^1400 minimum, as measured with a Riken Denshi DC magnetic characteristic measuring machine. Model BHU-60; (E) electrolytically chromium coated steel having ultra flat shape known as oil can steel, maximum depth of 2.0 mm and edge wave maximum of 2.0 mm and no wave to penetrate more than 51.0 mm from the strip edge and coiiset or curling requirements of average maximum of 2.0 mm (based on six readings, three across each cut edge of a 61 cm long sample with no single reading exceeding 3.2 mm and no more than two readings at 3.2 mm) and (for product having a thickness of 0.239 mm only, crossbuckle maximums of 0.0025 mm average having no reading above 0.127 mm), with a camber maximum of 6.3 mm per 6.1 m, capable of being bent 120 degrees on a 0.05 mm radius without cracking, with a chromium coating weight of metallic chromium at 100 mg/m^ and chromium oxide of 10 mg/m-, containing by weight 0.13 percent maximum carbon, 0.60 percent maximum manganese, 0.15 percent maximum silicon, 0.20 percent maximum copper, 0.04 percent maximum phosphorus, 0.05 percent maximum sulfur, and 0.20 percent maximum aluminum, with a surface finish of Stone Finish 7C, with a DOS-A oil at an aim level of 2 mg/m", with not more than 15 inclusions/foreign matter in 15 feet (4.6 m) (with inclusions not to exceed 0.8 mm in width and 1.2 mm in length), with thickness/temper combinations of either 0.168 mm double reduced CADR8 temper in widths of 635.0 mm, 685.8 mm, 698.5 mm, 711.2 mm, 717.6 mm, 723.9 mm, 749.3 mm, 755.7 mm, 768.4 mm, 787.4 mm, 831.9 mm, 857.3 mm, 908.1 mm, 920.8 mm, 990.6 mm or 1092.2 mm, or 0.239 mm single reduced CAT4 temper in widths of 635.0 mm, 685.8 mm, 711.2 mm, 762.0 mm, 838.2 mm, 857.3 mm, 908.1 mm, 920.8 mm or 1092.2 mm, with width tolerance of-/+3.2 mm, with a thickness tolerance of-/+0.0I3 mm, with a maximum coil weight of 9071.0 kg, with a 99-194O-03 -25:QL3Part4