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[117 STAT. 986]
[117 STAT. 986]
PUBLIC LAW 107-000—MMMM. DD, 2003

117 STAT. 986



VerDate 11-MAY-2000

13:45 Aug 26, 2004

PUBLIC LAW 108–79—SEPT. 4, 2003

Federal Bureau of Prisons immediately upon adoption of the final rule under subsection (a)(4). (c) ELIGIBILITY FOR FEDERAL FUNDS.— (1) COVERED PROGRAMS.— (A) IN GENERAL.—For purposes of this subsection, a grant program is covered by this subsection if, and only if— (i) the program is carried out by or under the authority of the Attorney General; and (ii) the program may provide amounts to States for prison purposes. (B) LIST.—For each fiscal year, the Attorney General shall prepare a list identifying each program that meets the criteria of subparagraph (A) and provide that list to each State. (2) ADOPTION OF NATIONAL STANDARDS.—For each fiscal year, any amount that a State would otherwise receive for prison purposes for that fiscal year under a grant program covered by this subsection shall be reduced by 5 percent, unless the chief executive of the State submits to the Attorney General— (A) a certification that the State has adopted, and is in full compliance with, the national standards described in section 8(a); or (B) an assurance that not less than 5 percent of such amount shall be used only for the purpose of enabling the State to adopt, and achieve full compliance with, those national standards, so as to ensure that a certification under subparagraph (A) may be submitted in future years. (3) REPORT ON NONCOMPLIANCE.—Not later than September 30 of each year, the Attorney General shall publish a report listing each grantee that is not in compliance with the national standards adopted pursuant to section 8(a). (4) COOPERATION WITH SURVEY.—For each fiscal year, any amount that a State receives for that fiscal year under a grant program covered by this subsection shall not be used for prison purposes (and shall be returned to the grant program if no other authorized use is available), unless the chief executive of the State submits to the Attorney General a certification that neither the State, nor any political subdivision or unit of local government within the State, is listed in a report issued by the Attorney General pursuant to section 4(c)(2)(C). (5) REDISTRIBUTION OF AMOUNTS.—Amounts under a grant program not granted by reason of a reduction under paragraph (2), or returned by reason of the prohibition in paragraph (4), shall be granted to one or more entities not subject to such reduction or such prohibition, subject to the other laws governing that program. (6) IMPLEMENTATION.—The Attorney General shall establish procedures to implement this subsection, including procedures for effectively applying this subsection to discretionary grant programs. (7) EFFECTIVE DATE.— (A) REQUIREMENT OF ADOPTION OF STANDARDS.—The first grants to which paragraph (2) applies are grants for the second fiscal year beginning after the date on which the national standards under section 8(a) are finalized.

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