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118 STAT. 1279 PUBLIC LAW 108–330—OCT. 16, 2004 ‘‘(D) Review and ensure that the Department meets performance based budget requirements established by the Office of Management and Budget. ‘‘(E) Provide guidance for, and oversee the development of, the Future Years Homeland Security Program of the Department, as specified under section 874. ‘‘(F) Ensure that the costs of Department programs, including classified programs, are presented accurately and completely. ‘‘(G) Oversee the preparation of the annual perform ance plan for the Department and the program and performance section of the annual report on program performance for the Department, consistent with sections 1115 and 1116, respectively, of title 31, United States Code. ‘‘(H) Provide leadership in developing and promoting improved analytical tools and methods for analyzing home land security planning and the allocation of resources. ‘‘(I) Any other responsibilities delegated by the Sec retary consistent with an effective program analysis and evaluation function. ‘‘(3) DIRECTOR OF PROGRAM ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION.— There shall be a Director of Program Analysis and Evaluation, who— ‘‘(A) shall be a principal staff assistant to the Chief Financial Officer of the Department for program analysis and evaluation; and ‘‘(B) shall report to an official no lower than the Chief Financial Officer. ‘‘(4) REORGANIZATION.— ‘‘(A) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary may allocate or reallocate the functions of the Office, or discontinue the Office, in accordance with section 872(a). ‘‘(B) EXEMPTION FROM LIMITATIONS.—Section 872(b) shall not apply to any action by the Secretary under this paragraph.’’. SEC. 7. NOTIFICATION REGARDING TRANSFER OR REPROGRAMMING OF FUNDS FOR DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY. Section 702 of the Homeland Security Act of 2002 (6 U.S.C. 342) is further amended by adding at the end the following: ‘‘(c) NOTIFICATION REGARDING TRANSFER OR REPROGRAMMING OF FUNDS.—In any case in which appropriations available to the Department or any officer of the Department are transferred or reprogrammed and notice of such transfer or reprogramming is submitted to the Congress (including any officer, office, or Com mittee of the Congress), the Chief Financial Officer of the Depart ment shall simultaneously submit such notice to the Select Com mittee on Homeland Security (or any successor to the jurisdiction of that committee) and the Committee on Government Reform of