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118 STAT. 1345 PUBLIC LAW 108–335—OCT. 18, 2004 diagnostic services, schools, or other special education service pro viders to which the attorneys have referred any clients as part of this certification. The Chief Financial Officer shall prepare and submit quarterly reports to the Committees on Appropriations of the House of Representatives and Senate on the certification of and the amount paid by the government of the District of Columbia, including the District of Columbia Public Schools, to attorneys in cases brought under IDEA. The Inspector General of the District of Columbia may conduct investigations to determine the accuracy of the certifications. SEC. 329. Sections 11–1701(b)(5), 11–1704(b), 11–1723(b), 11– 2102(a)(2), and the second and third sentences of section 11–1724, of the District of Columbia Official Code, are hereby repealed. SEC. 330. Section 11–1728 of the District of Columbia Official Code, is amended to read as follows: ‘‘SEC. 11–1728. RECRUITMENT AND TRAINING OF PERSONNEL AND TRAVEL. ‘‘(a) The Executive Officer shall be responsible for recruiting such qualified personnel as may be necessary for the District of Columbia Courts and for providing in service training for court personnel. ‘‘(b) Travel under Federal supply schedules is authorized for the travel of court personnel on official business. The joint com mittee shall prescribe such requirements, conditions and restrictions for such travel as it considers appropriate, and shall include policies and procedures for preventing abuses of that travel authority.’’. SEC. 331. The amount appropriated by this Act may be increased by no more than $15,000,000 from funds identified in the comprehensive annual financial report as the District’s fiscal year 2004 unexpended general fund surplus. The District may obli gate and expend these amounts only in accordance with the fol lowing conditions: (1) The Chief Financial Officer of the District of Columbia shall certify that the use of any such amounts is not anticipated to have a negative impact on the District’s long term financial, fiscal, and economic vitality. (2) The District of Columbia may only use these funds for the following expenditures: (A) Unanticipated one time expenditures. (B) Expenditures to avoid deficit spending. (C) Debt Reduction. (D) Unanticipated program needs. (E) Expenditures to avoid revenue shortfalls. (3) The amounts shall be obligated and expended in accord ance with laws enacted by the Council in support of each such obligation or expenditure. (4) The amounts may not be used to fund the agencies of the District of Columbia government under court ordered receivership. (5) The amounts may be obligated and expended only if approved by the Committees on Appropriations of the House of Representatives and Senate in advance of any obligation or expenditure. SEC. 332. Section 450A of the District of Columbia Home Rule Act, approved December 24, 1973 (87 Stat. 803; D.C. Official Code, sec. 1–204.50a), is amended as follows: Reports.