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[119 STAT. 2723]
[119 STAT. 2723]
PUBLIC LAW 109-000—MMMM. DD, 2005

PUBLIC LAW 109–148—DEC. 30, 2005 (INCLUDING

119 STAT. 2723


SEC. 8108. The Secretary of Defense may transfer funds from any available Department of the Navy appropriation to any available Navy ship construction appropriation for the purpose of liquidating necessary changes resulting from inflation, market fluctuations, or rate adjustments for any ship construction program appropriated in law: Provided, That the Secretary may transfer not to exceed $100,000,000 under the authority provided by this section: Provided further, That the funding transferred shall be available for the same time period as the appropriation to which transferred: Provided further, That the Secretary may not transfer any funds until 30 days after the proposed transfer has been reported to the Committees on Appropriations of the Senate and the House of Representatives, unless sooner notified by the Committees that there is no objection to the proposed transfer: Provided further, That the transfer authority provided by this section is in addition to any other transfer authority contained elsewhere in this Act. SEC. 8109. (a) The total amount appropriated or otherwise made available in title II of this Act is hereby reduced by $92,000,000 to limit excessive growth in the travel and transportation of persons. (b) The Secretary of Defense shall allocate this reduction proportionately to each budget activity, activity group, subactivity group, and each program, project, and activity within each applicable appropriation account. SEC. 8110. In addition to funds made available elsewhere in this Act, $5,500,000 is hereby appropriated and shall remain available until expended to provide assistance, by grant or otherwise (such as, but not limited to, the provision of funds for repairs, maintenance, construction, and/or for the purchase of information technology, text books, teaching resources), to public schools that have unusually high concentrations of special needs military dependents enrolled: Provided, That in selecting school systems to receive such assistance, special consideration shall be given to school systems in States that are considered overseas assignments, and all schools within these school systems shall be eligible for assistance: Provided further, That up to 2 percent of the total appropriated funds under this section shall be available to support the administration and execution of the funds or program and/ or events that promote the purpose of this appropriation (e.g. payment of travel and per diem of school teachers attending conferences or a meeting that promotes the purpose of this appropriation and/ or consultant fees for on-site training of teachers, staff, or Joint Venture Education Forum (JVEF) Committee members): Provided further, That up to $2,000,000 shall be available for the Department of Defense to establish a non-profit trust fund to assist in the public-private funding of public school repair and maintenance projects, or provide directly to non-profit organizations who in return will use these monies to provide assistance in the form of repair, maintenance, or renovation to public school systems that have high concentrations of special needs military dependents and are located in States that are considered overseas assignments: Provided further, That to the extent a Federal agency provides this assistance, by contract, grant, or otherwise, it may accept and expend non-Federal funds in combination with these Federal funds to provide assistance for the authorized purpose, if the non-

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