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[119 STAT. 3006]
[119 STAT. 3006]
PUBLIC LAW 109-000—MMMM. DD, 2005

119 STAT. 3006

PUBLIC LAW 109–162—JAN. 5, 2006

‘‘(2) GRANT PERIODS.—Grants shall be awarded under this section for a period of 2 fiscal years. ‘‘(3) ELIGIBLE ENTITIES.—To be eligible for a grant under this section, a grant applicant shall establish a collaboration that— ‘‘(A) shall include a victim service provider that has a documented history of effective work concerning domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking and the effect that those forms of abuse have on young people; ‘‘(B) shall include a court or law enforcement agency partner; and ‘‘(C) may include— ‘‘(i) batterer intervention programs or sex offender treatment programs with specialized knowledge and experience working with youth offenders; ‘‘(ii) community-based youth organizations that deal specifically with the concerns and problems faced by youth, including programs that target teen parents and underserved communities; ‘‘(iii) schools or school-based programs designed to provide prevention or intervention services to youth experiencing problems; ‘‘(iv) faith-based entities that deal with the concerns and problems faced by youth; ‘‘(v) healthcare entities eligible for reimbursement under title XVIII of the Social Security Act, including providers that target the special needs of youth; ‘‘(vi) education programs on HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases that are designed to target teens; ‘‘(vii) Indian Health Service, tribal child protective services, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, or the Federal Bureau of Investigations; or ‘‘(viii) law enforcement agencies of the Bureau of Indian Affairs providing tribal law enforcement. ‘‘(c) USES OF FUNDS.—An entity that receives a grant under this section shall use the funds made available through the grant for cross-training and collaborative efforts— ‘‘(1) addressing domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking, assessing and analyzing currently available services for youth and young adult victims, determining relevant barriers to such services in a particular locality, and developing a community protocol to address such problems collaboratively; ‘‘(2) to establish and enhance linkages and collaboration between— ‘‘(A) domestic violence and sexual assault service providers; and ‘‘(B) where applicable, law enforcement agencies, courts, Federal agencies, and other entities addressing the safety, health, mental health, social service, housing, and economic needs of young victims of abuse, including community-based supports such as schools, local health centers, community action groups, and neighborhood coalitions— ‘‘(i) to respond effectively and comprehensively to the varying needs of young victims of abuse;

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