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72 THIBTY—SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 167, 179. 1860. Eifegt ofcou- only be construed as quit:-claims or raliuquishments, ou the pam of the

  • 'm“*‘°“• United States, and shall not a&`ecb the adverse rights of any other person

or persons whomsoever. Juan B. Vigil Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That it shall or may be lawful for W}? i¤¤*i*¤*° the said J uau B. Vigil or any person claiming title under him, to institute "‘t’&°' suit; against the United States for the lands claimed and embraced in said claim number twenty-six, not con£rmcd under the provisions of the third section of this act; said suit to be instituted in the supreme court of the Territory of New Mexico, to be defended by the district-attorney of the United States for said Territory, under the direction of the Attorney- General of the United States, with the right of appeal to either party from the decision of said supreme court to the Supreme Court of the United States, if such appeal be asked for within one year from the rendition of the judgment in said supreme court of the Territory of New Proviso. .Mexico, and not thereafter: Provided That if the suit authorized by this section be not instituted within two years from the passage of this act, the said claimants shall be presumed to have abandoned all right or title to the lands embraced in said claim number twenty-six, and said lands shall theuceforth be held and deemed to be public lands belonging to the United P*’°"i$°· States: And provided further, That in the determination of -tho suit authorized to be instituted by the terms of this section, the courts shall be Vol. ix. p. 922. governed by the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the law of nations, the laws, usageg apd customs .0f the goycmmcut from which the claim is derived, the_prmc1p1es of equity, and the decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States, so far as they are applicable. Heirs °€ LW Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the heirs Mum B°°°" of Luis Maria. Baca, who make claim fn the said tract of land as is claimed by the town of Las Bcgas, to select instead of the land claimed' by them, an equal quantity of vacant land, not mineral, in the Territory of New Mexico, to be located by them in square bodies not exceeding five in number. And it shall be the duty of the survcyorjveueral of New 3::**1 and Io- Mexico, to make survey and location of the lands so sclectgd by said heirs °* of Baca. when thereunto required by them: Provided, however, That the Pmvisc. nght hereby granted to said heirs of Baca shall continue in force during three years from the passage of this act, and no longer. APPROVED, June 21, 1860. Juno 22 1860. Can. LXXIX,- · - · . —————’ was Sm., C-».».f.$f'.z7.‘“ ’f’§3.7.’{ 3E8H2i? €2°J”é%ZZt,‘?{Lf”‘{£e‘fZSa?J'5e§“ *2 Powe:-a_ if géniaxrm or other Functionaries, of t/nehglnitgi States ig Be it enacted zheScnateand.ZZ>us · - Slate.: of Ameriabg in Congress aascm5;d?fT1lEae€r$:f>m<$aa“ve‘E1:`fotgjllvygfuf mgmit Sgtgas the, provisions of the treaties of the United States wilrlythe cmpir; 3 conwmn Ohm, Chma, .Japan, and Sxam, respectively, the minister and the consuls of gw., gx, Ihayq the United States, duly appointed to reside in each of the said countries ¤:¤;m¤ Judicml shall, in addition to other powers and duties imposed u n th , P °' tively, by the provisions of such treaties res active} Pl? ‘ cm? rgsmcggguggcxiamofz herein described, which Ehall agéeriafszistie wherein dm smc a;?;!:;, zgdtgcgggnart of the duties belonging thereto, m-gsmitgdeciggzgi d Sm. 2. And 6e-u furt/zgr emactgd, Ithat in regard to crimes and mis- 0n_ cmcanors, the sand public funcuonarncs are hcreb fbll d to armign and try, in the manner herein mvid dy l1 y' empowem United States charged with offcnccs against lgw wlgcix ahaltilggens of the 1:1 such countries, respectively, gud, upon conviémm to S wmmmed fenders in the manner herein authorized- and th , 'd j‘cnt§?® mh oft each of them, are hcrcby authorized to ,iss I? Sm uncmmrms, and quimbh and necessary to mw this authomuq a such processes as are y mm executxon.