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2 THIRTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 1, 2, 3. 1860. T°hb°P¤id°¤lY only to the contractors themselves; and the same is hereby declared to

g,.,t:,,d°::§,r;‘%Q, bein full of all damages by reason of failure or delay in payment; and

full for all dam- the same shall be receipted for accordingly. But no mterest shall be ‘g°“·&°· allowed on payments for the last quarter, ending the thirty-tlrst of December, eighteen hundred and ififty-nine. Appropriation Sec. 4. And he it further enacted, That the sum of one thousand

  • g;r*;;“P°”’Y dollars be, and the same is, hereby, appropr12;ted,(;or thefse1r·v1c§s of

` temporary clerks in expediting the payment 0 cre ltors 0 t c ost- Oilice Department. _ Posteotnoe Seo. 5. And he it further enacted, That the superintendent of the bl?“k““’ b° public printing be required to procure the prmting of the post-oliice printed by con- <’ ._ _, bl. t. d t d .d moth gstbel blanks by coptract, pfter tlpityg day: pu xc up ic; in tho sz; ¤W¤f_¤ 0 0W- contract or the usua perio o pos-o ce con rac , 0 e x er w o °s° bxdd"' offers to print said blanks at the greatest per centum deduction from the Repeal of for- prices authorized to be paid by law for the printing of the Enrecutive m" W" Departments; and that all laws, or parts of laws, now in force, in relation to the printing of post bills or post-otiice blanks, be, and the same are hereby, repealed. APPROVED, February 15, 1860. March $1,860- CHAP. Il.-An Act making Appropriations jbr the Paymentff invalid and other Pensions zy° t/ee United States fn the Year ending the thxrtieth une, eighteen hundred and sixly·0ne. Be it enacted hy the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Approprimom Stgltii of Americabin gongress 0.286/I:.}bl8d,tTfl13h the following spms be, an ie same are ere y appropriate , ou o any money in e reasury not otherwise approprialed, for the payment of pensions for the year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and sixty-one. Invalid pensions. For mvahd pensions, under various acts, four hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. $¢¤§l<>¤¤ M For pensions to widows of those who served in the Revolutionary war, m,§gs;h_362_ under the third section of the act of fourth July, eighteen hundred and tees; eh. 189. thirty-six, the acts of seventh July, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, igiii ggi third March, eighteen hundred and forty-three, seventeenth June, eigh- 1g4g1mg_ teen hundred and forty-four, second Itebruary, and twenty-nmth July, 1842;, ch. 120. eighteen hundred and forty-eight, and second section act of third Febru- 1S‘?"= °h· 4L ary, eighteen hundred and fifty-three, two hundred thousand dollars. 0rIY;fl‘ilq‘;"’$ and For pensions to widows and orphans, under first section act fourth 18,8 @108. July, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, act of twenty-first July, eighteen ’ hundred and torty-eight, first section act of third February, eighteen Navy hmm hundred andlfiftyrthree, and under special acts, sixty thousand dollars. pensions. For navy invalid pensions, forty-three thousand dollars. Navypengkmg, FOP IIR\’y PGIISIOHS to widows and orphans, L\Yld€I‘ 2t0f Ol? Cl8V€l'1tb 1848, oh. 155. August, eighteen hundred and forty-eight, one hundred and twenty thousand dollars. vaggpnmr in- llgor privateer invalids, one thousand dollars. ‘ rrnovro, March 2, 1860. March 2, 1860. CHAP. III.—An Act authorizing the Secretary of the T as to`stern 1 _* Schooners Helen Blood and Sarah Bond cj" Oswego, inrlfieligllate qhslilgwlzgik. 0 · Rmsms to be S Be it enjpted the Senate and House of lifepresentatives of the United mueiu, Bch0G,,- tales of mcrzca in Congress assembled, 1`hat the Secretary of the $1 gpg! 'Igreasury bc, and he hereby is, authorized to issue registers to the owners ' ‘ ‘ o schooncrs Helen Blood a d S h B d t' — · ' P1'°VlS°- of New York, the said vesse; hagidg beg; b1iilt(ih‘U§;iadhn: llggozggii Ishe Secretary shall be satisfied that the owners of said schooners are citizens of the United States. Approved, March 2, 1860.